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  • Can we use customized character file later?

    The data will be initialized after the CCM period is over, so you MUST SAVE the customized character file.
    Please refer to FAQ and WIKI below.

  • How do I save the Customization files?

    You can save and load character customization files freely within the game. .
    1. Turn on the game, and press the “customization info – Save customization file” button in the customization window.
    2. When you set the save path and file name on the uploaded File Explorer and press confirm, it will be saved on that path of the PC.

    ** Warning **
    - Please note that if you save without changing the file name, it will be overwritten on the previously saved customization file.
    For details, please check the Customization guide on WIKI.

  • An error about screen resolution is shown.

    An error message saying "Failed to identify usable graphics adapters. At least 1280X720 screen resolution required" shows up when I launch the game.


    This message comes up your basic resolution setting is set below the minimum required resolution setting of 1280x720.
    Please click the gear icon on the top right side of the launcher to change your resolution to above 1280x720 and then launch the game.
    Also check if your graphic card driver is installed and updated properly.

  • How to create a nickname on the web?

    Please start with a capital letter when you create a nickname and the length should be at least 4 to maximum 16 letters.

  • I want to change my pet.

    You can't change the pet that you've selected. 
    For your information, the pet you chose during CBT will be provided during OBT as well.

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