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  • I bought the wrong Pearl item.

    If you accidently purchase the wrong item while playing Black Desert, we can help you according to the Black Desert Operation Policy. 

    The terms of recovery will differ slightly depending on the situation. 
    If you wish to get the item that you originally intended to purchase, please send us an inquiry through CS in our official website and provide the information below. 

    1. The name/number of the Pearl items you purchased:
    2. The character name that purchased the pearl items 
    3. Date/time pearl item was purchased 

    Thank you.

  • The item that was in the mail disappeared.

    The in-game items provided through the mailbox has an expiration date. 
    Your item automatically gets deleted if you don't download it within that period. 

    * You can delete the mail after you download the attached item. 

  • Someone swore at me in the game.

    We're sorry that you had an upsetting experience. 
    Please file a report through our Black Desert CS if you wish to report this incident. 

    Please make sure to file your report within 15 days as the chat history is saved for 15 days. After you submit your report, we will investigate the incident by reviewing the chat history. 

    The chat history will be reviewed based on the Pearl Abyss Terms of Use. If the insults were made on both parties and was intentional, there will be penalties on both sides according to the [Black Desert Operation Policy]. 

  • I was banned for swearing.

    If you are restricted from the game due to the use of abusive language, you can object. 
    Login with the restricted account and submit an inquiry though CS.
    If your objection seems valid the temporarily restriction will be lifted. 

  • I'm the victim of a fraud. What should I do?

    If you lose an item to due to fraud, please report it to us through CS. 
    After further investigation, we'll let you know whether an item can be restored or not.

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