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  • Where can I check if I won or not?

    We announce the winners through our official Black Desert Website. You can find it on Website -> News -> Notices -> Event Tab. 
    Some of your private information (Account/Family name/Character name/Nickname) can get posted on the website. 

  • Where does the reward get shipped to?

    The winner announcement will be posted on the official website, and there will be a URL where you can submit your personal information for the reward. After you share your information, we will send it to the delivery company. 
    (All personal information will be removed from the system after the delivery is made.)

  • How can i activate my CBT Code ?

    You can activate your CBT Key at the website by selecting "Shop - Redeem Code" section.


  • How can i attend to CBT ?

    If you already bought Black Desert Online you dont need to apply for CBT. You can attend to CBT on 8th November.

    For the users that wants to attend to CBT but didnt buy the pack yet you need to fill the form for CBT.

    CBT Form link :

  • Is the Black Desert Online Pay2Play ?

    Yes, Black Desert Online is a Pay to Play game. To play you need to buy one of our packages.

    But we dont ask for monthly payments to continue to play Black Desert Online.

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