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  • Can I upload a video on website notice board?

    When you are posting something, you can select from picture, video, map, external contents menu located at the top. If you upload a video yourself, you can upload a video up to 500MB, and if you want to insert a video form an external service such as YOUTUBE, click external contents menu and insert the HTML tag or video URL and you can add it to the content of the posting.

  • The file restoration takes too long.

    It will take less time than reinstalling the game, but it may take a long time depending on the corruption of your file and the internet speed.

  • After shutdown, installation starts from 0%!

    This is a process to check the previously installed file, and downloading the rest. The total amount that needs to be downloaded should be smaller.

  • Errors during installation/ patching process

    Please end launcher and run it again.
    If the same problem occurs again, please run 'File Check'.

  • I want to delete the game and reinstall it.

    If you want to delete Black Desert completely and reinstall it, please follow these steps.

    STEP1. Delete everything within the Black Desert Folder.
    STEP2. Delete the shortcuts on the Start menu and the background.

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