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  • Error number: 10 gets printed

    If the message above appears, it means that a file or the file path needed for the game has been omitted.

    Please check that the actual game installation path is consistent with the installation path on the registry. 

    And that the game folder contains all the files that are needed to run the game, such as BlackDesertLauncher.exe.

  • How do I set 3GB memory use in 32Bit OS?

    Please refer to the following setting methods.

    1. Setting method
    1) Window key > Run cmd as Administrator
    2) Run bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3000
    3) Reboot Windows

    2. Recovery method
    1) Run cmd as Administrator
    2) Run BCDEDIT /delete-value IncreaseUserVA
    3) Reboot Windows

  • Can I erase the files in ‘Temporary Folder’

    You do not need the files in 'Temporary Folder' after the initial installation of the game. 

    You can delete all the files in that folder.

  • I cannot download the driver.

    The file saved on PC through graphic driver or DirectX might get deleted because of antivirus program. Update your antivirus program to the latest version.

  • Where can I find downloaded game client file?

    Please check the file path that you set when you downloaded the client. 
    If you did not change the initial setting, it will be saved in C:\Download\BlackDesert folder.

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