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  • I get 0xE019100B error when I launch the game

    1. Installed Black Desert on C drive / Run 64bit client:
    Delete the xmag.xem file within Black Desert\bin64\xc\tr\2 folder

    2. Installed Black Desert on C drive / Run 32bit client:
    Delete the xmag.xem file within Black Desert\bin\xc\tr\2 folder

    - If the same error occurs after these steps, reach out to us via Customer Support and attach all the files in the relevant folder.

  • Server name is broken when making a character

    This happens when the patch is not properly applied.
    Please press [File Check] button beneath the Launch Game button and perform a file check, then launch the game again.

  • I'm getting 'Failed to init security' error.

    If you can't play the game due to 'Failed to init security' error,
    Go to Black Desert installation folder [Black Desert\bin64\xc\tr\2] & [Black Desert\bin\xc\tr\2 folder]
    and delete the xmag.xem file. Then try launching the game again.
    * The installation path may differ depending on the path you set when you installed the game.
    If you cannot find the [ xmag.xem ] file within the installation folder, please search it on the search window at the top of the folder.

  • I am getting XIGNCODE related errors.

    This error message shows up when you are already running another game or when it crashes with the vaccine program.
    You can solve this problem by following the steps below.
    1.   Close the programs that are unrelated to the game while you are playing.
         E.g.: A program that affects your network (torrent, etc.)
    2.   Scan your  PC with an antivirus program for malwares.
    3.   bin or bin64 folder within game installation folder - xc folder - tr folder - delete xmag.xem file in 1 or 2 folder - reboot your PC - Launch the game again 
    4.   Perform a File Check – Reboot your PC and launch the game (Turn off your antivirus program.)
    5.   If the problem continues, please check with your network provider about your network’s stability.

  • I found a bug in the game, what should I do?

    Bugs and errors may disturb balance of the game and have serious affects on the game economy.
    If you find a bug or an error while playing the game, please report it to [Customer Support].
    If you provide us a detailed description and relevant screenshots with your email, we will be able assess the problem quickly.

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