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Qisis 2019-03-13 15:39
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Hey guys here's a little guide of mine in terms of gear progress.

Step 1: Either you rush all main quests which you can find if you press "O" in game or you lvl up by grinding and then doing the quests, thats all up to you.

Step 2: Grinding for gear->Accessory: Asula Set. First one is the Neck which you will get in Abandoned iron mine, South from altinova. 2nd you should go for the the Ring/earring which are dropped from Helms Post and lastly the belt is dropped from Elric shrine. Leave the belt as last.

Step 3: For armor you want to use ANYTHING up to grade DUO II and not above. the final goal is to get Boss Gear so you should spent your money on those not on Green armor pieces.

Also a Tip: A Heve/Luck/Fortune Helmet on TET IV with 4 lv. Caphras on it is as good as TET Giath/Griffon helmet. In terms of Bonus stats The Heve etc. is even better.

These are the main things you should know. Just don't rush it. it's a big game with a lot of things to do. Enjoy it and most important BE PATIENT


Good luck with your Adventurers.


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