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Pawnder 2019-03-13 20:50
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1- Never Ever Enhance accesories before you get your armor and weapons to Tri prefferply Tet.

2- Allways start enhancing accesories when you have a backup, even if you got a high fail stacks.

3- allways repair items in inventory when you are uusing memory fragments in order to get the +1 durabilty increase chance that would save you 1.4 mil because it's 1 memory fragment less.

4- if you are unable to get high fail stacks, it's better to watch a guide [ reblath and militia weps to save silver] and if you are not willing to do that, just save your silver and buy the accesory of market place / central market, never risk with a low fail stack.

5- for accesories go with the following order Pri = 22 fs Duo= 40 fs Tri= 55fs Tet= 70fs +, its true accessories got higher chance of success than armor, but the fail hurts and makes the item disappears.

6- play the class you enjoy and not the class with advantages, cause eventually if you dont like the playstyle you will get bored of the game.

7- allways be good to others, regardless if you are at war with that guild or not, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

8- dont miss checking on event guide after every reset / announcement, you might miss alot of silver / rewards.


enjoy the game to the fulliest.

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