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IPREDATORZ 2019-03-14 09:08
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Greetings adventurers these are good tips for starters.

1- Choose the class that you think you will have the most fun with so choose carefully and enjoy.

2- Never rush enhancing your gear and mostly accesories you need to take your time.

3- Always save your fail stacks because you will need it on the long terms.

4- life skill could be helpful to make alot of silver.

5- Use reblath and militia weapons to get your fail stacks.

6- If you fail enchanting your gear/weapons after (PRI) it will go down one enhancement and it will lose 10 durability but if u fail any accesories it will break and will disappear.

7- follow this order to enhance your gear/weapons (+7 to +9 use 10-15 fail stack)-(+10 to +13 use 15-20 fail stack)-(+14 to +15 use 25 fail stack)-(PRI 20-25 fail stack)-(DOU 25-30 fail stack)-(TRI 35-45 fail stack)-(TET 50-100 fail stack)-(PEN 130+ fail stack).

8- follow this order to enhance your accesories (PRI 25-30 fail stack)-(DOU 30-40 fail stack)-(TRI 50-65 fail stack)-(TET 80-110 fail stack)-(PEN 150+ fail stack).

9- Always check new events it can be helpful and you could get alot of silvers from alot of events.

Other than that i am done here i wish you good luck on your BDO experience and have fun guys.(holla at me if u see me in game IPREDATORZ/Striker main) :)) .


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