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Revamped Boss Scroll System
Nyxiel 2019-09-14 09:01
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Boss Scrolls have become more like a boring chore rather than an enjoyable experience. A lot of players have asked for adding dungeons and raids yet PA refuses to adopt a system that many want it. The game lacks interesting PvE contents besides endless grinding in open world and fighting Dark Rifts (solo mode). So, I'm proposing a new idea that can give player a more sense of dynamic playthrough. I will call the newly suggested/ revamped PvE mode Dimensional Gate


Dimensional Gate:


Summon scrolls are one of the boring, no brainer group content that can be done with less effort (except for some Awakened bosses). Summon scrolls should function in a different way in which players use them to create a portal which I’d call it a Dimensional Gate to teleport them to boss realms A.K.A. dungeons.


Let’s take Valencia Castle as an example. Once a party is formed, all party members travel through this gate and enter the castle that is separated from the open world. The castle has mobs that do not respawn upon death, but still give the same benefit of giving EXP and loots as field mobs. To provide some challenging elements of surprise, a random rare mob e.g. a Gatekeeper, may spawn before a party enters boss room. Once the party inside the boss room, players need to defeat yet another challenging enemy; a dungeon boss.


Dungeon boss can change randomly; meaning it doesn't have to be the same boss we fight and this is part of dynamic changes that I mentioned earlier to lessen the sense of bordem when killing dungeon bosses. 


There is also a chance to encounter an Awakened version of dungeon boss from normal summon scrolls. And this is to encourage players to find parties instead of going to dungeons solo. Additionally, players can obtain a guaranteed Awakened Boss scroll by combining 5 permits. All party members have an equal chance to get loot from all different types of scrolls.




Since dungeons will be a bit lengthy, loot drop amount and type should be changed accordingly. Also, reward is given as a budle to all players who successefully clear a dungeon an it is given out as a bundle so that players have an equal chance to obtain rewards. Rewards may include but not limited to enhancement items such as memory fragment, caphras stones, Black Stones, Concentrated Stones, Black Gems, etc, reasonable amount of silver. 




Dimensional Gate won’t be a replacement to open world areas as players still need to find scroll pieces to summon Dimensional Gates. Also, dungeons won’t be perfect for leveling up as mobs do not respawn. However, this mode will provide players with a different fun experience compared to the boring grinding mechanism in the open world. 


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Great ideas, nicely detailed!

The current Blood Altar is similar to what you are thinking of there, albeit a less inlolved simpler version I guess.

Any form of added group PvE content though, I highly support. They can even do a mixed mode like Destiny 2's Gambit, where you have 2 teams chasing an objective and the enemy team can send over 1 person now and then to harass them.

But BDO desperately needs more things we can do in a group, not necesarily reward or XP based even, something as simple as getting 10 people to the summit of a mountain top, and you all get a "Mountain Goat" Title award or something, anything!

In that vein, including a low GS cap to a "baby" Red Battlefield would be awesome too. say 300, 400 and 500 caps. I'm aware other servers have a LIMITED version which is capped. As it is, playing Red Battlefield now is an exercise in frustration unless you have spent a long long time gearing and leveling. Only 10 of the same people ever on leaderboards, but this is a different discussion!

What I would LOVE to see, is quest sharing. If I have collected Gathering Quest 43 I want to share it with my group and off we all go, or if my bud has picked up all the Gahaz Dailies then he can just share it with me and grinding begins.

Regardless, dungeons, more involved scrolls (like Valtarra Training, but please with better loot for the time spent there!) and group activities will go a long way to improving BDO's player retention I feel.


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