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Clementiel 2019-09-20 14:00
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Here you will find an expanding collection of guides created by players around the globe. So, all credit goes to them. The purpose of this page is to provide easy access to these guides in one place.


Note: This page will be updated periodically whenever there is a new guide added. 


Game Progression

Chenga - Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom [Video]

Questing to Lv 58 [Video]

Questing to Lv 59 [Video]

Questing to Lv 60 [Video]

Questing to Lv 61 [Video]


Gearing Up and Enhancement

Gear Progression Guide

Caphras Stone - Amount required per enhancement level

Black Star Weapon Guide 

Nouver vs Kutum [PvE]

Magic Crystal Builder

Failstacks Builder & Simulator 


Money Making

Silver Making Guide

Grinding Spots


Combat and Skills

Crowd Control Guide

Skill Modifiers


Knowledge and World Exploration

Knowledge Seeking Guide

World Map


Adventure Aids

Fairy Laila



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