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Access to Olvia for Supporters
Kuto 2019-09-20 14:25
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This is mostly for the Supporters that want to help New and returning players. Can Supporters please gain access to Olvia servers, so it easier for us to help new and returning player. Most New and returning players play on Olvia servers for varies reasons, I just feel it would be easier to help new players in Olvia that just started the game

But there should be limits to what Supporters can do on Olvia.(these are just my opinions feel free to add and subtract in the comments)

1) They should not be able to force PVP in the open world (Pretty self explanatory most Supporter have a bit of descent gear and its not fun being 1 shoted by a guy who thinks he's the bees knees. Duels should still work and battle Arena)

2) No Loot drops or loot pick-ups for Supporters (this is, so they can't abuse grinding on High end spots for some mad gainzz)

3) No Life skill Exp gains for Supporters (This I dont think its such a big deal? I'm not much of a life skiller my self. Feel free to correct me)

Just to access Olvia would be a lot easier for Supporters to help New and returning players.


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# 2

That is a wonderful idea!

...but I feel not entirely neccesary. Surely the resources they'd expend making such a system would be better spent elsewhere?

The added 100% XP new and returning players get on Olvia is not such a big deal, considering how you can easily hit 56 powerleveling with a friend in an hour or 2 now, or even hit 61 just by following main questline super fast (with Chenga Book and skipping to Drieghan and Stars End Quests after Altinova).

Olvia is more designed for new players who are solo, to learn the ropes and get some added XP boost while not being subjected to forced open world PvP in the main grind much.

I think it is far better anyway to bring new players over to a -2 channel where they can experience Horse Races, Savage Rift, World Bosses and you can show them around the "real world", the loss of the XP Boost i feel is easily outweighted by the XP they'll recieve if you just take them to Polly's for 30mins!


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# 3

I second this. It will be easier to help boosting new players who struggle to level up and experience the actual gameplay walkthrough which starts after level 56. I know it is better to take it easy from the begining, but without guide, they easily get lost and give up the game.


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