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TheAngryFeminist 2019-09-25 20:57
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As a "supporter" I really want to bring the attention of launcher issues. Every patch there has to be countless people issues with the launcher after every patch. I personally have been playing this game for 2 years and this is just absurd. After every week whether it's failed to connect to patch server to the launcher simply not opening up. Please please look into this issue becuase it is getting out of hand...


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I have the same issues!


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The game Launcher issues are not MENA specific, they are a common issue across all server versions.

One must understand that BDO is a common target for fraud, and their in game policies make the launcher an even bigger target than other MMO's, as once in game it is pretty tricky to do naughty things. They therefore have very thorough and often seen as finicky systems in place to ensure this security.

The most often cited cause of launcher issues is a non- consistent internet connection, which results in BDO's security systems getting worried when they see partial files. This "glitch" can be initiated by DNS issues, ISP policies, local download speeds (including little sisters streaming Barney over the same line), or a swath of other similar problems.

Another problem many don't realise, is their connection to the BDO MENA server is not as fast as their usual, for exampe, Steam Downloads. This is due to international ISP variations, traffic, and Chang (google BDO Chang Theory). Often, simply leaving the thing running for longer than you'd expect works fine.

Admitedly it is not ideal that if you lose connection in any way the launcher dies a horrible death, however you can alleviate potential trauma with a few simple steps pre patch day. Manually downloading the patch is easily your "safest" option, however you can also :

- Make a full backup copy of the game
- Ensure your DNS is flushed and possibly look at using a fixed DNS service like Google's or the alternate popular
- Request an UNRESTRICTED APN from your ISP.
- Ensure your Firewall is cleared for BDO files.
- Reset router and make sure no other users on the line are active with downloads.
- Add exception rules for BDO to any antiviruses and anti spyware programs , or temporarily disable them.
- Don'

This should not only help to ensure a smooth patch day but will also improve your in game BDO performance.


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When i chose english language launcher it's go back to turky language and dos't save my chose i hope fix english language


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to chang elanguae u need to change from the game itself. under General setting, language, pick english or international. 


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