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Extraction - or give something
Valmer 2019-12-18 19:26
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# 1

1 : Mount Horse Gear : if we could extraction for cronstone or fusion it to get better  horse gear !


2: pet : can just realse the pet to get something in return or extraction it 

since we cant exchange event pet with classic ,premium or limited to get higher grade pet.




Character Name Valmer
Main Character Musa
# 2

I have a different suggestion. As someone who got many pets that some of them are no longer useful to me because I've got better type of pets, I think we should be able to send pets to search for loots in which we get various items like trash items, enhancement materials (including cron stones), etc and a possibility to get rare equipment like Blue ~ Yellow equipment depending on areas where you send pets to. The higher your pet tier, the faster it completes its task. I'll call this content "Expedition Mode".


Character Name Angiel
Main Character Witch
# 3

Luuuuurve @angiel's idea of Expeditions for pets, altough we sort of have that with Workers at nodes I guess? Maybe putting a pet ON a node will buff the output?


Character Name Pamthryte
Main Character Dark Knight