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Hostyle 2019-12-20 11:40
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# 1

It would be great if you if you introduced the missing events and pearl/loyalty shop items to MENA.


And also stop prioritizing Turkish in your announcements. It's MENA, not Turkey. There are players region locked to your server who do not understand the mails you send out!! Try understanding this from your customers point of view.


>Missing Fever time

>Missing Loyalty XP Books (Both COMBAT & LIFE)!

>Missing 1 Day Value Pack from Loyalty.


While I'm on the subject of Equality, why are there no events geared towards Life skillers, are we not a part of this experience? Surely you must realise that you're giving away a ridiculous amount of COMBAT/SKILL/ITEM DROP scrolls, but nearly nothing to assist Life Skillers, or events to add some flavour to this part of your player base?


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# 2

I agree with what u are sayin 100%, also they need to add the Unlimited use of the Merv's Palette to Value Pack as others xD .I tried to talk them about it one month ago, no answer yet. So I belive they do not want us to play their game anymore and I'm okey with it. Soon we gonna have A:ir and Lost ARK. At least a company that appreciates thier customer (players) better than who do not.


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