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IN GAME WEATHER - Localized effects extended
Pamthryte 2020-01-10 09:45
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So we only get snow in game during XMAS real world time. I love it! I think its so awesome having in game effects adding to the immersion and supplementing the experience of wandering around BDO.

What I really would love to see added/updated in the BDO MENA are 2 things:

1) MORE weather effects, rain, wind, overcast, snow, thunder/lightning all over the map, more often and for extended periods. An entire day of Thunder & Lightning over Serendia plains would not be a bad thing
2) Snow effects must please STAY in the game, but be limited to Random events in areas such as Duvencrune, and consistent or at least high probability in all high up places, any mountain or like all along the Kamyslvian ridge line. No snow at coastal towns, unless it is winter months. Place like Port Ratt could also be a high snow area, or some of the new floating Barter Points.

There is nothing cooler than watching a familiar landscape or town slowly tranform under a blanket of pure white crispy snow, or having your horse be covering in a drenching downpour of rain only to emerge from a mountain pass into a sunny farmland plain.


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