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Central Market Payout should be balanced
SagittaNocte 2020-02-25 01:22
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Central Market payout should be equal for players who own value pack and for players who don't own one. You generally have to own value pack to profit via Central Market, because this 30% extra payout makes difference a lot. Currently, It's nearly impossible to get Value Packs from the Central Market in MENA. So this system is totally dead, you need to pay real money to get one.


PA should increase xp/skill xp given by value pack but not extra profit from central market. It's the game's most important and the most basic component and I can't understand why we are forced to buy VP to earn silvers. Other MMORPGs don't do this. Pearl Abyss can sell more skins to get money but this is just annoying. I would recommend making more ship skins for them to earn more money. Just take examples from Guild Wars 2 and Archeage, you can buy premium stuff via in game gold easily there. But when we come to BDO, you wait months and still don't get a VP and you are forced to own one.


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