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Silverria 2020-03-25 15:49
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Dear BDO & players


As the title suggests, can we look at the issue of secret stats. It boguls my mind thinking that an MMORPG game that wants players to take control of their avatar and be immersed in the content of the game, with multiple events and an active admin base simply fail to open and stop hiding certain stats applied to the player's avatar.


Why should set effects, total life exp, total mount exp, total skill and combat increase exp and an array of other effects be hidden from a player?


I've visited multiple forums from Reddit to BDO-nexus searching for valid reason why developers whould want "SECRET STATS" and it seems that developers simply 'want it that way'. What the heck?


For the above reasons I would like to petition BDO, as I am sure many other players would too, to actively apply an ingame OPEN STAT and TOTAL STAT of each and every factor and aspect of the game in order for us who enjoy this game to be able to know as much as reasonably possible about our avatars and their respective statuses. Or at the very least give an open and honest reason why "SECRET STATS" should exist in the first place.


Yours Faithfully



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