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COMMON QUESTIONS - What is a toon/rng/WB etc.?
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Massively Multiplayer Online games have been around since the early 90s in full comercial affect. The first ever date back to the 70's technically but the ones we all know are Ultima Online, Everquest, Diablo and World of Warcraft of course.All of these are Role Playing Games and being such have adopted many acroynms and abbreviations from the original Role Playing Games such as the infamous Dungeons and Dragons pen and paper adventures.

Many of these are now synonymous with games in general, but many are purely MMO terms. Here is a list and explaination to help you guys be less confused and noob like:


Adds - Additionals, are the smaller enemies in a group mob, or supplementary enemies summoned by a main boss. Always clear these first.

AFK - Away From Keyboard, as it sounds, means that the player is not in front of their PC at the time, or are busy with another activity in real life. AFK Fishing is a very popular activity in BDO.

AoE - Area of Effect, this would be any spell or attack that occurs that works over a wide zone. Think Smoke Bombs or Fireballs.

Aggro - Not what a postman thinks all dogs are towards him. "To aggro" is used like a verb in that it is an action performed in game, here the result is you attract the attention of enemys. If you have aggro'd the mob, expect to be running in circles with 20 monsters behind you. Traditionally used when refering to Tanks.

Alt - Your Alternate toon or character. In BDO it is highly recommended to have multiple Alts.


BDO - Black Desert Online, the game you are playing!

- Biological calling, a polite way of telling people you are heading off to the bathroom, usage: "AFK BIO = I'm not around because I need to pee."

- Best in Slot refers to the optimal gear you can get for the socket it is used in. For example BiS Awakened weapon would be the Dandelion.

- While this may be a slightly more crude abbreviation most of are aware of, in
BDO this is the Black Spirit. The mad little demon friend we all have in game.

  - These groups of terms refer to your gear and what happens to its status when first encountered. All Pearl items in BDO are
Binds on Equip (BoE), while all trash loot dropped from mobs is Binds on Pickup (BoP). Once bound, the item can not be traded, often not sold, and usually not swopped between toons. Binds to Family or Binds to Legacy (BtF(L)) are applicapable to Event Items in BDO, as once collected you can swop them around toons, but not trade.

Buff - These are bonus statistics applied to your toon from various sources, usually potions, food or skills or global server events.


Camping - This term is taken from the obvious, sitting in one place and not moving. Specifically used when people are in high loot drop zones and dont move, or if they are blocking a respawn area and killing people before they can move.

CC - Crowd Control will be any spell or ability you use to freeze, slow down or basically disable a group or single enemy. One usualy tries to CC the most dangerous enemy while focusing on dispatching the easier ones.

- Be nice to Chang. Chang knows all.

Channel - In BDO we refer to the instances you may log into as Channels on the Server you are registered on. BDO MENA has Olvia-1/2, Serendia-1/2, Calpheon-1/2, Balenos-1/2, and Valencia-1 and Mediah-1 and Arsha-1. The Olvia Channels are double XP, PvP disabled and events disabled (World Bosses, Horse Racing etc.). All other -1 Channels are Node War areas that remove all NPC enemies during the fixed Node and Conquest War schedules, but otherwise function normally. The -2 Channels are full functionality and are the only places you can enter Horse Racing, Savage Rift, Altar of Blood and the PvP BattleArena. Arsha channel does not have events but does have a doubled loot drop rate, with a zero penalty on non provoked PvP kills.

Crit - Or a Critical, is when your attack or crafting process procs a maximum result and effectively doubles the output with whatever statuses the event triggers when it Crits.

Conquest Wars - These are the massive Guild vs Guild wars that occur on Saturdays, where terrotorial castles are defended and attacked for the rights to claim entire regions in game.


DRB - Dark Rift Boss. In BDO we differentiate between all the larger NPC we can fight, the Dark Rift Bosses are personel large versions of scroll bosses, or event bosses. Only the player can attack these, and they spawn when you get in range of the fixed locations on the map (large circular rift icons). DRB's are limited to 8 plus any Event DRB's active. Every 24 hours the DRB's rating drops from V > IV > III > II > I, and accordingly loses AP, but gains DP and HP. Once you kill a DRB, you will RNG get 1 back once every 24hr period. Uniquely, NO XP is lost on death.

DoT - Damage over Time, think poisons and such like. Any skill or effect that deals damage but not instantaneously and rather delivers its full potential over an extended period.

DPS - Damage Per Second is a reflection of the total amount of death you can deal, your output in terms of pain basically.


Farming - The act of collecting items, loot and silver cash from killing NPC mobs repeatedly in a set rotation or area.

- Field Boss. In
BDO we differentiate between all the larger NPC we can fight, the Field Bosses are medium sized, yet actually hit the hardest of them all. These spawn completely randomly once per day. Watch server and guild chat for people calling out the spawn, as a system message is only displayed on the channel they spawn on. All players who land at least 1 hit share the loot (seperate rolls each). Be aware, XP is lost on death.

Flagging - In BDO any PvP contact in the open world must be activated using the PvP Flag icon. If you are attacked by another player, you are automatically flagged into PvP mode.

Gank - Technically just killing anything, but more often than not refers to Player vs Player (PvP) killing, usually when its very one sided or unbalanced. If you are level 10 and a 63 comes and kills you, you were ganked.

GM - This one has multiple meanings. In BDO it is the Game Master which is an in game representation of one of the developers, but mostly refers to Guild Masters as well.

Interupts - Not directly applicable in BDO but it does happen via other dynamics. An interupt is an ability used against an enemy that is using a skill with a casting timer. Interupting breaks this and causes the ability to stop being used. In BDO, this occurs indirectly via CC's, Freeze, Floating and Knockdown effects.

IRL - In Real Life, to differentiate between occurences and discussions pertaining to in game events, and something happening to you outside of the game environment.


Karma - A big one in BDO, this is a representation of your positive and negative behaviour in game, and is directly related to PvP. Any time you kill a player in game by instigating an attack, you lose Karma. You can also lose Karma by attacking certain rated NPC's such as Gazelle or Town Guards. Reaching a negative Karma has detrimental affects and can result in gear item loss and incarceration in the game Jail for a period of time.

Karma Bombing - A tactic used by players to forcebly lower another player's Karma. Usually achieved by enticing the other player into attacking them. 

Kite - Kiting an enemy starts by luring them using aggro, by forcing them to attack you they now also follow you. One can effectively maintain the enemy DPS on yourself while party members safely attack from another angle with impunity and move the enemy to locations, facing directions that you want them to. For example to allow weaker players to stay behind and avoid directional attacks.


LFG - Looking for Group is the acronym used by people searching for others doing the same activity, such as scroll bosses. 

Life Skills - Unique to BDO is a set of activities globally refered to as Life Skills. These include - Farming, Fishing, Processing, Hunting, Sailing, Trading, Bartering, Alchemy and Cooking. These have seperate XP counters and are each leveled individually.

Loot - Any rewards you gain after defeating enemies or opening hidden chests or from drop crates.


Main - When refering to your currently played class, would be the primary toon you are building and most often use. Typically your strongest and best geared.

MENA - Middle East and North Africa


- A term used when something has been lowered or weakened in game, specifically a class ability or a drop rate. If your class has been nerfed, it means the powers it had are not as strong, or if a loot drop rate is nerfed, then you get less in that area.

Noob - Any player that is new or inexperienced may be refered to as a noob. Often used in a derogatory fashion to insult somebody, but technically should only be used by players when refering to themselves.

Node Wars - These are the daily Guild vs Guild wars that occur for occupational rights of selected Nodes. Winning allows the guild in question to collect tax revenue and distribute it to their members.

- Non Player Characters are all the animals, monsters, people, bosses and anything alive and moving around in the game. Your most common interactions with NPC's will be the quest givers.


- Combat between a player and the Environment. Grinding or Bosses or any interactions such as Life Skilling are PvE.

- Any combat between players. Player Vs Player interactions are a what Node Wars and Conquest Wars are all about.


- Stands for Random Number Generator, which in game terms refers to anything calculated using odds, or technically a dice roll. 

- Initiating an RNG sequence.


Scroll Boss -
In BDO we differentiate between all the larger NPC we can fight, the Scroll Bosses are personally summonable bosses using a scroll item from your inventory. These scrolls are obtained either from events, Daily Black Spirit Quests, or constructed from items (Pila Fe, Relic, etc.). Scroll Bosses can be attacked in a Party Group (5 players) and all players who land at least 1 hit share the loot (seperate rolls each). Be aware, XP is lost on death.


- In the original pen and paper games one would create your player character by rolling dice to get their statistics such as Strength and Carry Weight. This would be recorded on a sheet of paper that would be your character reference. Many players would draw cartoon pictures to complete this and help them immerse themselves into the game. This cartoons where the basis for abbreviating your character being refered to as a "Toon", now known as the Player Character. You can have multiple toons in BDO.


WB -
World Boss. In BDO we differentiate between all the larger NPC we can fight, the World Bosses are the largest of them all and spawn on a regular scheduling. In game, push the F1 key for help, then click World Bosses to see the schedule with GMT+3 times displayed, see THIS LINK for details. All players who land at least 1 hit share the loot (seperate rolls each). Be aware, XP is lost on death.

- When you are looking for items you might post this in chat and it means you are Wanting to Sell/Buy 


Zerg - A strategy named after the playable species from the game Starcraft, this entails a massive group that literally swarms over its enemies.

And there we have it. If I've missed out on any commonly used terms please post in the notes below and i'll include them here, I'll also return to edit if I remember any more!


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