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[Support] Poem to support GM's of Black Desert.
Kaithyra 2020-05-02 15:08
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# 1

My Black Desert


Midst of the night,
I landed here in fright.
My skin shines so bright,
In the beautiful moon light.
What better name in my insight,
My character… I name you Dark Knight.


Sword in the right hand side,
Olvia… Is it the place where I reside?
In the woods, like a nomadic, I stride.
I follow the pathway side by side.


Oh my Black Desert, my virtual sphere,
A world where fantasies rear.
Riding my T8 Mare,
Made me a passionate chevalier.
Be it quest or fishing in mere,
Or even fighting monsters for the PEN Boss Gear,
Oh my Black Desert, my virtual sphere,
You are a world where I always want to cohere.


Character Name Kaithyra
Main Character Dark Knight
# 2

This is great! I'm sure they will be very happy to read this.


Character Name GodKingDarius
Main Character Berserker