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Kolin 2020-06-07 01:45
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Dear Pearl Abyss;

I will be amazed and surprised if you read this, but I pitch some ideas that I would like to see in game, so here goes:

1- Wagons can carry people (why not?)

2- Each grind spot has low level and high level grinds, where you can revisit some spots as a veteran, with content adjusted for difficulty towards veterans.

3- An option, where if you choose a language, English or Turkish, the events, emails, broadcasts and all that, displays with the selected language, not only Turkish, or Turkish first, and some form of auto translation in chat? I don't speak Turkish  some of the Turkish people don't speak English either... 

4- More PVP content, or mini games that makes PVP have more variety

5- That mode where you kill monster waves with matchlock? Make them killable with hard earned gear that we work for eternity to get.

6- Make some events at times that can be suitable for all people to attend, the heidel from home ball event, was in a time where I was literally at my work, morning Come on guys...

7- Improve RNG please? It's funny when you have 80% chance at enhancing green gear, at a very very high fs, and fail 18 times to enhance..... Like I fell in the 20% not successful rng 18 times at once in a raw...

8- Dancing animations? It's heidel ball event, you cannot dance, you cannot dance to music that people make either...

9- Adjust certain classes to do more damage and some classes to do less? As any guardian nowadays with high gear can literally beat a seige alone...balancing? 

10- Some areas have elite monsters that show up at random, make all areas have one of those, where if you kill a huge number, you can lure the elite monster out, and fight it, and get a rare drop from it. 

11-  Get us some English speaking streamers please, I love watching BDO content, been playing the game for many many years, please get some English speaking streamers and creators, wanna watch some Mena server content, and understand what I'm watching... If we have those, let them be known, as I have never heard of any of them. 

12- Lastly, this might sound awkward, make the game playable on Linux, yes there are people who wish to play BDO and have Linux, but have to put up with windows to play the game. 

Thank you, and I hope this will be read, it might not be much, or sounds silly or funny, but it's a suggestion after all, no disrespect to anyone. 

Peace ✌️ 


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