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A beginner's guide to Carrack & ocean contents
CassandraSeraph 2020-07-20 03:25
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Hi a newly minted Bdo supporter here, tried to help out at Lunar Halo Inn, but everyone speaks Turkish there, if any GM is reading this, I think it would be a good idea to have a seperate chat group for the same purpose as Lunar Halo Inn, but for English speakers, it seems most English speaking new adventures leaves the chat group after taking one look at Lunar Halo Inn's overwhelming Turkish chats.


Anyway so I decided to help the new adventures instead by writing a guide here, hope some of you will find this useful. There are already many guides on the internet regarding how to make a carrack, so that is not the point of this guide, instead I'm going to share my personal experience and give some tips and advices on the topic.

1. Why Carrack?


Why would anyone want to build a carrack? Its a length / grindy process, what benefits could one get out of owning a carrack? 


Firstly, if you interested in the life skill Bartering, then carrack is a must have. If you don't know why you should consider bartering, well bartering is a great source of income with little to no stress, are you tired of defending or vs for spots? tired of getting karma bombed? tired of staring at the monitor for hours and hours when grinding? Then you should consider taking up bartering. After you've unlocked enough bartering route, you could make anything between 30 mil to 180 mil per bartering trip, subjected to RNG like everything else in this game. At the same time you could also make 1000 to 1500 sea coins per bartering table, which can be converted into silver value of roughly 100 mil to 150 mil depending on market value of manos accessories. Sounds good so far? On top of these earnings, you also do not have to deal with any resource contesting as each player have his or her own bartering table, so no need to compete with any other players for resource. You do have to deal with occasional piracy, which you can eliminate by bartering with a level 49 character.

Second reason to get a carrack is to do sea monster hunting, while sea monster hunting in short SMH is not a great source of income on its own, it becomes good when paired with guild missions, if your guild is not completing all 10 missions everyday, then you should consider taking up some SMH guild missions, these missions give the highest wage to players at 25 mil per mission, as well as highest guild fund contribution at 50 mil per mission. On top of that, its much faster to complete than any land based guild misisons, a XL Defeat Margoria Monsters x5 take literally 5 min to complete, Defeat Margoria Hungery Monsters XL takes about 10 min, Defeat Candidum x 2 Nineshark x 2 Blackrust x 1 take around 30 min, all have great silver/guild fund vs time spent ratio. Furthermore, great ocean monsters have low chance to drop various rare trash loot that is worth 100 mil guild fund, a great way to contribute to your guild funding.


If the above reasons are not good enough, keep in mind there are also new ocean contents to be added in the near future such as Blue battlefield etc, owning a carrack will let you access those new contents much easier.

2. Which carrack?


Now that we got the why out of the way, lets look at which carrack should you build, I've know a few players who made the wrong choice and had to either settle for unhappiness or make another carrack to better suit their need, don't be like them and choose the right carrack for your purpose from the start. Below you can see 2 tables, first one shows the basic stats of ungeared carracks, the second table shows the stats of full +10 blue geared carracks, 2 table's credit goes to Skooti.




From the above table, we can see that if your main purpose is bartering, then Advanced aka Horse carrack is the best option, sure it has the slowest speed, but it can carry up to 3000LT more than other carracks ungeared and up to 5500LT more than other carracks when equipped with +10 blue gears. You will end up saving more time on bartering runs than other faster ships because you can carry way more items in a single trip. While Balanced aka Deer carrack seem like a decent option too, having more speed than Horse but a bit less weight, I personally believe either go big or go home, don't be jack of all trade but master of none, if you want to barter, go for the most weight aka Horse carrack. The one draw back of Horse carrack is its lack of fire power, you could still kill sea monsters reasonably decent, you will get bullied by pirates aka other carrack owners who flag red and attack any ship they see, hence I recommend you to use a level 49 character for bartering, that way you can semi afk while sailing to bartering locations without a worry in the world, except during node wars at a node warzone, at which your under leveled character and ship could still be attacked. Keep in mind a level 49 character cannot shoot the cannons on any ship, so if you choose this route, you cannot hunt sea monsters at all.

If your interested in hunting sea monsters as well as doing bartering on the same ship, then I recommend Valor aka Lion carrack, its blue grade cannon deal more damage than any other carracks, and have a wooping loading time of 9 secs, which is 2 secs faster than Volante and 4 secs faster than Horse, this make a huge difference in the speed you kill sea monsters, while all carracks could one shot a hungry sea monster, Lion carrack +10 cannon is the only one that can 2 shots a regular Stalker or Hekaru, while 2 or 3 shotting these 2 monsters isn't that huge of a gap, the difference get larger when you hunting Candidum, Nineshark and Blackrust, furthermore Lion carrack is a great deterrant against pirates, unless the pirate also has a +10 blue geared Lion carrack, your chance of winning is fairly good 1 v 1 even if he open fire first, so by sailing with a Lion carrack, you are less likely to be bullied at sea.


Volante aka Eagle carrack looks very promising at first glance, I almost went for Eagle instead of Lion at first, but that 5% base speed or 8% speed at +10 blue gear, isn't nearly as important as 9 sec cannon reload time if your goal is sea monster hunting or sea guild missions. As for bartering, both Lion and Eagle have 13500 starting LT, capping at 19000 LT with +10 blue gears, usually 1000LT goes to sailors, so you can still carry 18K weight, what this means is that if you get a full 6 route silver bartering table, which means you have to carry 6x3=18 level 4 batering items that weighs 18k in total, you will not be able to carry any other items on that run for sea coins, and if you do not have +10 blue gears, you usually can only carry 17k LT and lose out on 10 mil per run, which is not a huge deal in my opinion, if you really want that extra 10 mil, get a Horse carrack, and you could carry 18 silver items plus more for sea coin barter on the same trip. I usually do sea hunting or Oquilla dailies on the same bartering run so I perfer to use Lion carrack.

Now that you've decided on which carrack to get, lets look at the upgrade tree, the table below should be self explanatory, as side note you can skip the improved sailboat or improved frigate upgrade and go straight for Caravel or Galleass, unless you need to kill sea monsters for matt before you can get those upgrades, since basic sailboat or frigate does not have auto cannon, meaning you cant sail and shoot at same time, mannually manning the cannons are very inefficient, the best way is to get a friend or guildmate who has better ship to help you hunt for monster oozes needed for Caravel or Galleass, if that is not possible, then get improved sailboat or improved frigate first. Also go to Crow Island and do Ravina daily quests for half of the matts requried to make your first Caravel or Galleass.



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3. Bartering tips


As I mentioned earlier, I will not be doing a full material guide on how to build a Carrack, there are already enough guides on the internet for that, I will include a link to such guide at the end of this guide, and instead I will try to cover tips and tricks that other guides might not mention to make your journey easier.

One of the hardest grinds on the journey of owning a carrack is reaching a certain bartering count, originally you need to reach 5111 accumulated barters before unlocking the option to get Brilliant Pearl Shards and Brilliant Salt Rock Ingots, you need anything between 30 to 35 each depending on which carrack you building. I believe in a recent patch, the number of accumulated bartering counts has been reduced to somewhere around 3500 before unlocking the above mentioned materials, which is a lot easier than what the older players went through, but still will take a while. 

My advice here is to focus on Raw material to level 1 bartering item only. If you are completely new to bartering, basically what you do is take basic raw materials that you get via cooking, gathering or worker nodes such as vinegar, cloud mushrooms etc, and exchange them for level 1 bartering goods, then take level 1 bartering goods and exchange them for level 2 and so forth, when you reach level 4 bartering goods, you have a choice to either convert them into level 5 bartering goods that can be exchanged for sea coins or level 5 bartering goods that can be sold for 10 mil silver each, thus completing a full bartering cycle and earned profits from doing so. Although from raw materials to sea coins or silver is the full cycle, we do not aim to complete that cycle all in one go, instead you should first focus on gathering raw materials and stocking up level 1 bartering goods.

If you have unspent CP, get as much storage as you can at Iliya Island and some storage space at Port Epheria too, buying storage via Pearl shop is an option too if you have money to spare. You could also buy storage at Velia, but I would recommend Iliya as your base of operation over Velia due to distance. Bartering offers are scattered around many islands on the maps, but you can group them into islands closer to Iliya and islands close to Port Epheria, since you would have very limiting weights on your non carrack ships, you should focus on doing raw material to level 1 barterings closer to Iliya island, for one raw materials are very light, level 1 bartering items are relatively lighter too compare to higher level items, meaning you can get more done per trip on a basic ship, secondly, you can barter 6 times on the same island for raw matt to lvl 1 good barter, which is more efficient in increasing your overall bartering count toward 3500 than doing higher level bartering., I have gathered over 100 of every single type of level bartering good when I was grinding for 5111 bartering count just to give you an example. 

As for raw materials, depend on how wealthy you are, you can choose whether or not to buy missing raw matt from market place, if you choose not to spend silver buying raw matt, then just focus on what you already have from nodes, active gathering or cooking, and ignore the raw matts you don't have. Once you completed all the bartering you could around Iliya and you want to do more, then go barter around Port Epheria, do not attempt to carry those goods back to Iliya, instead store them at Port Epheria, this way you can barter far more than you can carry on one trip. Only start ferrying those goods back to Iliya after you have got your carrack.

Once you have gotten a caravel or galleass with +10 blue gear, meaning you will have around 13k to 15k LT, you can start doing some level 1 to level 2, level 2 to level 3, level 3 to level 4 barterings, personally I recommond you only take max barter offers, meaning 1 item exchange for 3 items for level 2 and level 3 items, (level 3 to level 4 is set to 1 item for 2 items only) this way you can spent your resource most efficiently. You can take 1 item for 2 items offer if you really need that item, but I never take 1 item for 1 item exchange for low level bartering goods. You can start doing this earlier if you wish, its just less efficient if you do not have max weight on your caravel or galleass.

Once you have built a sufficient foundation of bartering items in your Iliya storage, by sufficent I would recommend at least 100 + level 1 goods, and 50+ for everything else, you could start doing bartering for sea coins, or you can keep doing what you were doing until you reach 3500 bartering count. Sea coins are useful in buying missing materials needed for carrack, or enhancement stones needed for caravel/galleass blue gears, but I only recommend spending sea coins on those materials if you only missing a few, its not worth it to buy everything, its far cheaper to barter for them, which means during regular bartering, if you see any ship materials you need, you should put them at top priority over any other bartering offers.


The ship materials that you can only get via bartering / crow shop and not at all via daily quests are Great Ocean Dark Iron (150x needed for Caravel/Galleass blue gear), Cox Pirates' Artifact (Beginner) (60x is needed for blue gears), Luminous Cobalt Ingot (30x is needed for blue gears), Cobalt Ingot (2x needed for upgrading into Galleass), Island Tree Coated Plywood (100x needed for upgrading into Caravel or Galleass), Rock Salt Ingot (100x is needed for upgrading into Caravel), always make sure to get these from current bartering table if offered.

There are 2 routes for sea coin bartering, the great ocean route and the hakoven island route, great ocean route take longer and you need a compass to not get lost, it only become profitable once you have enough bartering offer unlocked, which happens as you gain more overall bartering counts, the trip is not worth it if you have less than 5 sea coin offers on a single trip. Another reason to do this route is for marterials offered at Old Moon Guild Carrack npc, but unless its a material that is super expensive or not avaliable on market place, I'd recommend just buying the materials to save time, especially now that those materials required to upgrade basic ships into Caravel/Galleass are in less demand, there should be plenty on the market place.

The second sea coin route start on the right side of Iliya island, starting with Halmad island, ending with Hakoven island, a total of 4 sea coin offers on this trip, as this is not a short trip either, I recommend only take this trip when Hakoven island offer at least 300 sea coins, and only take this trip at the end of your current bartering run, do ensure you still have enough parley to complete the 4 barters, you don't want to sail all the way to Hakoven only to discover you ran out of bartering parley and thus cannot complete the offer. 

My tips for Hakoven barter run is to only go there when your bartering table is ready to be refreshed, and get enough storage space at Ancado inner Habor to store at least 2 of every level 5 bartering good used for sea coin barter. Everytime you make the trip to Hakoven, you carry the 4 items needed for sea coin barter, spent 3 on your way to Ancado, then pick up one of each level 5 goods from Ancado, meaning you are carring the 1 level 5 good needed for current barter table, as well as an additional 14 lvl 5 goods, then take the trip to Hakoven, get that 300 to 600 sea coin offer, then refresh your table, and barter for another sea coin offer without needing to move, this way you are essentially doing 2 Hakoven runs with the time of 1. Go back to Ancado and deposite all the unused goods, you can also take another 3 items needed for the 3 sea coin offers you pass by on your way back to Iliya, and use transport to restock the 4 missing items from Iliya to Ancado.

Eventually Hakoven get even easier when you have 2 ships, for example I park a Horse Carrack at Hakoven, and log onto that alt to make barter when the offer is right then log off, saving even more time, but before you could do this, the above mentioned method is probably the most efficient.

This ofc means at that point you should also be stocking up on level 5 bartering goods, level 5 items unlike other bartering goods do not stack, so you will need a lot of storage space to keep them. depending on how much cp and pearls you have, you should try to at least keep 3 of each type at Iliya, 5 of each would be ideal. This is especially imortant after you reached 3500 counts and unlocked Brilliant matt offers, as you can only exchange for brilliant matts with specific level 5 items, and usually when a brilliant matt is offered, the level 5 item required to exchange for it will not be offered as a barter option from level 4 items on the same table, if you do not stash enough level 5 items needed for each of the 2 Brilliant matt, you will end up not able to get every single brilliant matt offered at each refresh. And ofc this game is centered around RNG, so there will be times when you refresh your table and do not get a Brilliant matt offer, nothing you can do about that, just hope for better luck next refresh, you can get a max of 2 brilliant matts per table. 

As you have built a sufficient base of bartering items to work with, you can also start doing material bartering, to get those missing matts, although I would recommend to still focus on trade good bartering tables, if you have a value pack for example, and have enough time, do 3 trade good tables and 1 ship material table. Ship material table is good to get the last few missing matts for something, but you get less matt per barter compare to ship matts offered at regular Trade good table, you also can't stock up more goods and do not build much bartering counts, so do this on the side not as your main focus.

4. Oquilla dailies


Beside bartering grind which unlock Brilliant matts, another part of carrack building that will take a while is doing Oquilla dailies for various ship materials needed for Caravel/Galleass blue gears or Carrack itself. 

First NPC is a nameless soldier standing on the right hand side of Guild Manager Sherah Riki, he will give you 3 quests, kill 1 regular Stalker, kill 1 regular Hekaru, and kill 2 young variants of any 2. These 3 quest are fairly easy, you can do it with anything from improved caravel/galleass and up, although it will take longer to kill. You will get rewarded with 3x Tide-Dyed Standardized Timber Square (6x is need for upgrading Frigate into Galleass, 180x is needed for blue cannon for both Caravel and Galleass), 3x Deep Tide-Dyed Standardized Timber Square (144x to 170x needed for Carrack depending on which type), 3x Cox Pirate's Artifact (combat) (250x is needed for Caravel/Galleass blue gears).



You can find Stalkers on the ocean west of Oquilla, Hekarus on the ocean east of Oquilla, and young variants on both west and east as well as south of Oquilla.


Second NPC you want to speak to is Wharf Manager Ravikel, he offers a quest to complete 5 x bartering, which reward either 2x Pure Pearl Crystal (45x is needed for blue gear), or 8x Deep Sea Memory Glue (4x is needed to upgrade Sailboat into Caravel), or 8x Bright Reef Piece (180x is needed for blue cannon).

Upon completing the 3 quests offered by the first nameless soldier, Ravikel will offer 3 additional quests, kill 1 Candidum which rewards 10x Moon Scale Plywood (10x is needed to make Galleass, 600x is needed for blue gears), kill 1 Nineshark which reward 3x Moon Vein Flax Fabric (180x to 210x needed for Carrack depending on the type), kill 1 Blackrust which rewards 1x Tear of the Ocean (42x to 50x needed for Carrack depending on the type). 

These 3 quests are much harder, require you to sail far into the great ocean, compass is recommended although you can do it without if you know the direction well, the trip will take a while and these monsters are pretty tough and hit quite hard, with a +10 blue cannon Lion Carrack, I can 6 shot each monster and the whole run will take around 35 min depending on wind and current, but with a Galleass, Caravel, improved Frigate or Sailboat it will take much much longer, I think Galleass is around over an hour, Frigate and Sailboat even longer, furthermore you will run out of ration and cannon balls if using Frigate or Sailboat if you attempt to kill all 3 in one trip, which is why I don't recommend doing these 3 quests until you have Galleass or Caravel, ideally its the best if you could leech off a friend or guildmate that already have a Carrack, I personally do 2 Oquilla runs per day helping guildmates.

Third NPC you should talk to is Curio, he offer 2 quests, one require Coral Pieces the other require Iridescent Coral pieces, both can be gathered underwater in front of Ravikel, additionally you can also buy Coral Pieces from market place, Iridescent Coral pieces unfortunately cannot be bought, if you struggle to gather it because nodes were empty already, try early morning or late night. He reward you with 4x Seaweed Stalk (250x is needed for blue gears) and 2x Ruddy Manganese Nobule (100x is needed for blue gears)

Upon completing the barter 5 times quest from Ravikel, you can then talk to another nameless soldier on a platform next to the mountain toward the right hand side of Ravikel, he will offer a quest to barter 10 times, and reward with either 10x Enhanced Island Tree Coated Plywood (300x needed for blue gear) or 1x Cox Pirates' Artifact (Parley Expert) (60x needed for blue gear).



Each of the above Oquilla dailies will also reward you with 1x Oquilla Coin, once you have 150x you can talk to NPC Herrad Romsen, he offers 2 quests, for quest 1 you can exchange 150x Oquilla Coins for either 8x Seaweed Stalk, 4x Ruddy Manganese Nobule, 4x Pure Pearl Crystal, 16x Deep Sea Memory Filled Glue, 16x Bright Reef Piece or 20x Enhanced Island Tree Coated Plywood.

For quest 2 you can exchange 150x Oquilla Coins for either 6x Tide-Dyed Standardized Timber Square, 6x Cox Pirates' Artifact (combat), 6x Deep Tide-Dyed Standardized Timber Square, 20x Moon Scale Plywood, 6x Moon Vein Flax Fabric or 2 Tear of the Ocean.


Each of the above 2 quests can be completed once per day only, and I recommend only spend Oquilla Coins toward the end when you have most materials completed and are only missing a few on a specific material.


You could also get Moon Scale Plywood and Moon Vein Flax Fabric via Guild Boss Khan reward, get Tide-Dyed Standardized Timber Square from farming Ghost ships, get Cox Pirates' Artifact (combat) from farming cox pirates scattered on various islands, and all the above mentioned matt from material bartering table, but Oquilla dailies are the most stable and consistant way to obtaining them, so if you want a Carrack, you should start doing them asap.


Character Name CassandraSeraph
Main Character Dark Knight
# 3

5. Sailors


Hiring sailors are important, Caravel/Galleass can have 3 sailors each while Carrack can have 5, make sure to complete main quest line for Oquilla starting from Black Spirit to unlock a total of 6 sailor slots at wharf manager, unless you plan to pirating, which ofc I do not recommend, then innocent goblin sailors are your best choice for speed, you can find this sailor either at Port Epheria on the beach or Velia Tavern, there are about 3 different sailor rotations which changes depending on in game clock, so be sure to leave alts at those 2 locations and check once in a while for them. You buy a sailor hiring contract from NPC for 3 mil before you could talk to the desired sailor and hire him. Innocent sailors like everything in this game is subjected to RNG, personally I level each to level 6, if his speed is below 2.5 % I fire him and get another. The highest innocent sailor I've got so far has a speed of 3.9%, but anything from 3.5% upward should be good enough for starters.

When you have a Lion or Eagle Carrack, and have trouble with pirates harassing you, then you might want to consider getting some Realistic Dwarf sailors, they mainly improve the angle of your cannon, without them, your ship can only shoot 90 degree to your left and right, with 5 of them you can shoot almost directly in front or behind, without at least 3 Realistic sailors, you could get kited or chased by a pirate without the ability to shoot and sail in the desired direction at the same time.


6. Blue Carrack gears

When you are about to complete your carrack, you should make sure you have at least 50k to 60k sea coin, 40k should be spent buying 4 green carrack gear from crow coin NPC at Lema island, other 10k to 20k spent on enhancing stones to make those gears +10. A brand new naked carrack is not as useful as one with full green gear.

If you wish to eventually get blue gears for your carrack, then I would recommend that when you are about half way toward completion, to start investing in the 4 island excavation nodes required to craft blue carrack gears. The islands are found around Iliya, namely Al-Naha, Racid, Tinberra and Lerao island. You will need to physically talk to each node manager and spend energy to unlock the excavation nodes, and they cost 6 cp each, excluding the cps required to connect these nodes to either Velia, Olvia or Heidal depending on your worker's avaliability. I recommend only using Artisan goblin for this job, because the workload on each node is insanely high, it takes around 5 to 6hs for Art goblin, probably more than 12h for Art giants. The main reason to get these 4 nodes early is to stock up on Starlight powders, 10x is needed to craft Sunset blackstone which is needed to enhance blue carrack gear. The crafting of the stone itself take around 6h for Art goblins and can only be done on Iliya island's Chiro's ship workshop, so getting at least 1 Art goblin on Iliya island is also recommended. The stone also need 1 lunar and 1 solar black stone beside Starlight powder, which cost a total of 500 sea coins, so its not something you should be crafting too early and without a steady sea coin income, however its still something you should plan for early enough, else you will be sitting with blue carrack gears without the means to enhance them, keep in mind it take around 5 to 6h to get some starlgiht powder, 10x starligt powder is needed per stone, and 5 to 6 h is needed to craft 1 stone, plan ahead is what I recommend here.

As for crafting blue carrack gear themselves, personally I just bought most of the required materials from crow merchant on Lema island next to the wharf manager, it cost around 105k sea coin per gear, get cannon first if you got Lion or plating first if you got Horse, then get the rest depending on if you need speed or weight more. Alternatively you can farm Saltwater crocodiles near Port Ratti for rare matts for blue gear, personally I did not like the drop rate there, and prefer to just do sea coin barter runs and buy materials for blue gears, but I do know guldmates who farm there for blue gears too Ofc you need a carrack to even think about farming there, and a party of two is recommended for efficiency.

7. Conclusion


Hope this guide has been useful for any new adventures planning on building a carrack, feel free to leave any questions or suggestions here, or contact me in game if you need further advice or help, have a good day and good luck on sailing the seven seas.


And here is a link to a guide that has all the materials listed :


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