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Tip for crafting Manos accessories
Svax 2020-09-01 04:01
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a lots of players do not know about this great item "Scorched Fragment"

u can obtain this item by completing the daily quest of Lara's Great Discovery and Bread which is located in hidel as shown in the picture below "Note u can only start the quest if you are above lvl 16".









after you complete the quest u will receive two items one u will save its name is "Small Four-leaf Clover" and the other u will use for the craft "Scorched Fragment" Note make sure u chose the Scorched Fragment insted of the other reward .



u can use the Scorched fragment as shown in the picture below to craft a manos accessory of your choosing


for further information u can right the click the item and check the crafting notes


u can also use the other item Small Four-leaf Clover , once you collect 15 Small Four-leaf Clover , u will unlock a quest with lara as shown in the picture below 





once u accept the quest u will need to give lara the 15 leaf 



the reward of this quest will reward u with 3 Scorched fragment . 


once u are done u will be allowed to re do the same quest but this time u will hand over a dough in stead of the leaf .






special thanks to Supporter Riyozangi who help with the confirmation .















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# 2

helpful guide, I appreciate your clarification Svax.



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# 3
ty for your help ^^

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# 4
so we get manos and burn it and make capotia?

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# 5
To Olzram sadly u can't preform any proccesing methode on manos accesoiries u can only enhance them, and u can only get yona's fragment from yellow grade accesoiries.

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