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PVP is not working properly
Xeon 2017-12-03 19:59
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First of all, NOONE does damage.

Im full +15 now (ranger), an experienced pvp player (played BDO for years) and I am seriously shocked how bad the pvp balancing is


1. Warriors are overpowered. They are way too tanky and do way too much damage 

2. Sorc's are overpowered. They do way too much damage for their mobility and have way too many CCs

3. Rangers are underpowered. Having only 1 CC that is permanently on cooldown and cant be used anyway, rangers do not have any pressure nor the ability to outtrade anyone because of the nerfed damage. It literally takes 15 shotguns to kill a zerker, around 10 to kill other classes, even if I get a knockdown it takes more than 6 shotguns/will of the winds to kill someone which is impossible to pull off against someone that knows their class


4. CC's are NOT working. (Can only speak for rangers). The only knockdown rangers have is their Q and even me as a lv55 with full+15 and over 160 accuracy it is less than a 50% chance of hitting this CC.


5. People are standing up after Knockdowns way too fast (might just be sorcs, I have an example gif below)

Knockdowns are supposed to be 2.5s, can anyone explain this then?


TL;DR Pvp is unbalanced as fuck and needs fixing, noone is doing damage nor having the chance of killing someone unless someone fucks up really bad, and even then it is super hard to get killed unless you're crazily undergeared


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will people already going for full boss gears and high gear score so ful 15+ is nothing now
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