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Allocate A Server For English Speakers
Falconite 2022-03-13 21:35
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Edit Date : 2022-03-13

My suggestion, as the heading states, is to allocate one server for all English speaking players.
The reason for this are:
1. Some players were forced to play on the MENA server due to restrictions on Steam.
2. English speaking players can't join parties in the game due to the language barrier.
3. English speaking players don't fit in the community due to the language barrier.
4. More English speaking players will be attracted to the MENA server knowing that there is a server for them were they can play comfortably. 
5. It will benefit the reputation of Pearl Abyss as the company will be seen as listening and accomodating to the needs of their players. 
This can also be done for players who speak French as I believe that there are some African countries that converse in French. 
Something to consider and hopefully implement.
Thanks for reading.

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