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Evergreen Season Servers
Dustan 2023-09-22 15:44
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Edit Date : 2023-09-22

Starting from September 20, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance,  the season servers have been revamped to no longer end after a certain period of time, yet Adventurers can start and graduate whenever they please.

Bear in mind that:

- If you've graduated from the 2023 Summer Season, you can start the new season immediately and graduate whenever you wish.

- If you've yet to graduate from the 2023 Summer Season, you can now graduate whenever you please.

- Once you've graduated from the 2023 Summer Season, you can immediately start the evergreen season.


  Season Character Ticket

- Issued 2 Season Character Tickets with the opening of the evergreen season.

- You'll find the Season Character Ticket counter displayed in the Character Selection window after logging in.

- You can hold up to 5 Season Character Tickets at a time.

- Season Character Tickets are used to create new season characters for the always-open season servers.

- As long as you have a ticket, you can create a season character whenever you please.

- A ticket will be consumed when you graduate with a season character.

- You can only create one season character at any given time.



 If you've yet to graduate from the 2023 Summer Season, your Season Character Ticket counter will display 3 tickets ( as shown above ). Once you graduate from the summer season, you'll see it drop to 2 tickets, thus starting the evergreen season with the same number of tickets as other adventurers.



That's all about this guide, if you want to chat or have any question related to BDO, don't hesitate to contact me via Discord: abdelhamid.dustan  or in-game, my family name's: Dustan

Take good care of yourselves.



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