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Harming 2017-12-10 06:56
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Hello, I have just reached level 57 and accumulated a fair bit of wealth along the way and I would like to share how I have got to where I am in game right now with a few tips to the newer players.


First: Grind Path

The path I took to 55 is: main quest , scarecrow, alrhundi bandits, monistary,  khuruto cave, chimeras, catfish, rogues


Second: Quests

It is well worth it to finish all of the black spirit quests, the main quest chains for each area, and kill quests around caliph. Each of these chains will reward you with needed silver, Blackstones, cp,  and energy. Also make sure to do your boss scroll dailies and weekly.


Third: Workers

Workers are a great way to make some passive income or to get materials. To start off I recommnd you grab the 3 potato farms around Velia and begun producing beer to keep your workers happy. From there begin expanding and getting needed materials to use or sell.


Fourth: Grind tips

Past 50 you will begun to co.pete for grind spots and loot. 

Try to a__void pvp,  time spent fighting others is exp and loot wasted.

Find a rotation and stick to it. Try to clear as many packs as you can clear with the first pack respawning as you get to them. As you get your rotation down well your exp and loot will skyrocket.

The current best exp in game is grouping as sausans. A__void soloing here untill you are 140+ AP.

Overall silver > exp. Grind accordingly


Fifth: A__void reroling

The biggest lesson I learned from na/eu is that refilling or playing alts heavily will severey gimp your progress in game.  Find a main and STICK TO IT !  Use alts for energy slaves and bossing.


Thays it for now, hope that helps out

Any questions feel free to 11pm me in game





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Extra info:

Take advantage of the amenity game when trying to buy gear that is hard to buy off the market place. Yuria weapons can be bought in Calph, grunil in altinova.
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Grade 3 weapon / armor degrade scrolls can be bought for 5 hunter seals a piece in Tarif. These give you a chance to upgrade gear to ultimate level giving more AP/DP. Only use on +15 gear.
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When grinding bring your mount and park it in a safe place. You can stack one item on your mount even when it is overweight, extending your trips. Put the most common trade in drop or junk on it.
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