General Discussion I’m actually excited about the “P2W” 😅
Amir 2017-12-14 01:25
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If anyone tried playing the EU version with restrictions - that is extremely annoying!

you must be a no lifer to stand in the AH and wait hours, days even until one cash shop item pops with hopes its what you want AND you must click Purchase quick and fight the RNG and then MAYBE you get the item.

with no limits in this server - we’re gonna see these items non stop!

why would I care if some no lifer who has tons of real money gets billions of Silver.

This is a sandbox game! Some people just fish their time away in the game,

#LetsDebate #MyBodyIsReady


Nickname Amir
Main Character -
Okay with:
15-Day Kamasylve, Value Pack, Pets

Dislike but have learned to live with:
Character bound costumes/weight/inventory

Artisan Memory and all other forms of buying silver.
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