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Any tips or recommendations for Tamer?
Chaimera 2018-01-16 16:45
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Hi, I play as a lvl 51 Tamer but Im not sure which skills to max and how to combo them, there are allot of guides but they are pretty old. Can you recommend what to max? Or is there a guide that you know which is stil valid?


Character Name Chaimera
Main Character Tamer
# 2

MAX HEILANG FIRST. He is your damage source until later on

Max Bolt and Jolt and refer to this __document for animation cancels/combo's

Once awakened you will have no problem with sustain against mobs and only use pots in PvP.

In terms of build. Go for liverto until you get boss gear. Im running TRI Liverto and its working great. 



Character Name Pastal
Main Character Tamer