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04/19 Update details
GM_Trent 2018-04-19 09:47
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Hello adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.

Check out the latest updates for April 19th 2018.

Introducing Militia, Renown Score and Gear Purification.

Please find below for detail updates!


(Patch volume approx. 698.1 MB)


● ‘Loyal’ Attendance Rewards will be __refreshed.
   - Period : 2018.04.20 00:00 ~ 05.24 23:59

● Browsing through and checking out the Outfit and Costume items in Pearl Shop has been made more efficient.
● New Pearl Items are now introduced in the Pearl Shop. Click the __link below for more details!

[▶Go to Pearl Shop Update]


● Militia content for Conquest War has been updated.
- Players can now join and participate in the Conquest War even if your guild is not one of the participating guilds in the Conquest War.
- Militia is a group of mercenary adventurers that play a role in assisting the participating guilds.
- Only the adventurers whose combined AP/DP is 400 or up can join Militia.
- Players can apply to join the Militia starting an hour before the Conquest War, for 45 minutes, on Saturdays, on the first servers of Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon and Mediah. 50 spots are available per each offensive and defensive side. (Maximum of 100 players total per region)
- If there are no guilds challenging the reigning guild, then only Offensive Militia is available to join. In this case, maximum of 100 Offensive Militia spots are available to join.
- You can apply for both Offensive and Defensive Militia even if your guild does not hold a node in the relevant territory.
- If the number of applicants is below 50% (50 players) of the maximum Militia positions available (Offensive and Defensive combined), the Militia will not be able to join the war.
- If a player withdraws his/her application for the Militia, he/she cannot reapply for the same war session.
- Liberated territories are not open to Militia application.
- The Offensive and Defensive Militia will be in the action from 2 to 3 hours (depending on the defense) starting at the same time of the Conquest War.
- Defensive Militia will win if the Defensive Guild wins, and Offensive Militia will win if the Command Post of the Defensive Guild is destroyed. The participants in the winning Militia will be rewarded with 20 Million Guild Funds per player. Also upon victory, each participant will receive 1 million silvers and Guild Activity +1000 as individual rewards via mail. (The reward is subject to change at a later time)
- When dying while participating as Offensive Militia, players can revive from Town or a designated revive location. Revival times are the same as normal Conquest War participants.
- Militia members can communicate using Militia only chat channel.
- The Militia can only attack players on the opposing side. However, non-Militia members participating in the Conquest War can attack all Militia players even if they are on the same side. (For example, Defensive Militia cannot attack the Defensive Guild, but the Defensive Guild can attack Defensive Militia.)
- Adventurers participating in the Conquest War will not lose Karma even when killing others with forced PVP.
▶[Go to the guide for Militia]

● Black Magic Crystals have been added.
Black Magic Crystal - Precision

Black Magic Crystal - Power

Black Magic Crystal - Armor

Black Magic Crystal - Vigor

Black Magic Crystal - Swiftness

Black Magic Crystal - Adamantine

Black Magic Crystal - Ascension

Black Magic Crystal - Descent

Black Magic Crystal - Assault

Black Magic Crystal - Sturdiness

Black Magic Crystal - Valor

Black Magic Crystal - Precision

Black Magic Crystal - Memory

Black Magic Crystal - Intimidation

Black Magic Crystal - Agility

● Instant HP/MP Potion (small, medium, large, extra large) items have been added.

- It has the same recovery as the existing potions, but there is a 2 second cooldown.

● Gear Purification has been added.

- Purify equipment to lower the Enhancement level from +15 to +14. The Max/current Durability and any Transfused Crystals will be kept.

- Gear Purification has a 100% success rate at a cost of 100,000 Silver.

- You can talk to the following NPCs to perform Gear Purification:

Velia - Ottavio Ferre

Heide -: Eil

Calpheon - Leona

Altinova - Zigmund

Valencia - Saya Nesser

● Gear Purification NPCs’ basic lines of speech have been adjusted to now include dialogue for Gear Purification.

Velia - Ottavio Ferre

Heide -: Eil

Calpheon - Leona

Altinova - Zigmund

Valencia - Saya Nesser

● Players can now check All Storages from multiple towns at a single Storage Keeper NPC.

- Talk to any Storage Keeper and check the Storage list to see all the Storages per territory.

- You cannot move items from other Storages, but you may use the Transport function.
● New character ability stats. ‘Renown Score’ has been added.

Renown Score has been designed to give Adventurers long-term goals while providing additional bonuses depending on the score. We hope that this new addition gives you a greater sense of accomplishment.

The reason for this update is to help you really feel your character grow stronger and at the same time help rookie adventurers to better endure the damage received from stronger opponents.


Renown Score is calculated as follows:

 ● (Main Weapon AP + Awakening Weapon AP)/2 + DP = Renown Score


Renown Score will continue to offer various bonuses to help our adventurers grow.

In addition, PvP balancing work will be improved following the Renown Score. Please check below for details.

- Renown Score can be checked from Inventory, and it is visible only to self.

- New Titles relevant to the Renown Score has been added to mark how much Renown Score you have gained. Titles are also visible only to self.

Renown Score


0 - 100


101 - 200


201 - 290

The Skilled

291 - 380

The Dark Horse

381 - 450

The Veteran

451 - 535

The Undaunted One

536 - 553

The Great One

554 and above

The Legend

- Just like the magic crystal effects, these effects do not count towards the general AP/DP stats displayed in-game, but they are applied in real combats.

● The overall experience you gained throughout your adventure will start to pay off in your combat ability.

- Move the mouse cursor to Renown Score at the bottom of the Equipment window to check out detailed effects you receive.

Renown Score

AP Bonus

88 and above

AP +2

163 and above

AP +4

211 and above

AP +6

252 and above

AP +8

293 and above

AP +10

334 and above

AP +12

375 and above

AP +14

416 and above

AP +16

457 and above

AP +18

470 and above

AP +20


Renown Score

Damage Reduction Bonus

68 and above

Damage Reduction +1

123 and above

Damage Reduction +2

191 and above

Damage Reduction +3

232 and above

Damage Reduction +4

272 and above

Damage Reduction +5

313 and above

Damage Reduction +6

354 and above

Damage Reduction +7

395 and above

Damage Reduction +8

436 and above

Damage Reduction +9

463 and above

Damage Reduction +10

470 and above

Damage Reduction +15

477 and above

Damage Reduction +20

484 and above

Damage Reduction +25

491 and above

Damage Reduction +30

497 and above

Damage Reduction +35

504 and above

Damage Reduction +40

511 and above

Damage Reduction +45

518 and above

Damage Reduction +50

525 and above

Damage Reduction +55

532 and above

Damage Reduction +60

538 and above

Damage Reduction +65

545 and above

Damage Reduction +70

552 and above

Damage Reduction +75

559 and above

Damage Reduction +85

566 and above

Damage Reduction +90

572 and above

Damage Reduction +100

579 and above

Damage Reduction +105

586 and above

Damage Reduction +115

593 and above

Damage Reduction +120

600 and above

Damage Reduction +125

606 and above

Damage Reduction +130

613 and above

Damage Reduction +135

620 and above

Damage Reduction +145

627 and above

Damage Reduction +150

634 and above

Damage Reduction +155

641 and above

Damage Reduction +160

647 and above

Damage Reduction +165

● Depending on your character’s AP and DP, you will get extra AP and Damage Reduction buffs. These will be displayed with Renown Score info.


Extra AP Buff

100 - 139


140 - 169


170 - 183


184 - 208


209 - 234


235 - 244


245 - 248


249 - 252


253 - 256


257 - 260


261 - 264


265 - 268


269 - 272


273 - 276


277 - 280


281 - 284


285 - 288


289 - 292


293 - 296


297 - 300


301 - 304


305 - 308


309 and above




Extra Damage Reduction Buff

203 - 210


211 - 217


218 - 225


226 - 232


233 - 240


241 - 247


248 - 255


256 - 262


263 - 270


271 - 277


278 - 285


286 - 292


293 - 300


301 - 308


309 - 315


316 - 323


324 - 330


331 - 338


339 - 345


346 and above


● While standing behind Wooden Fences during Node and Siege Wars, you will now take little or no damage from most attacks from the opposing side of the walls.

- Your character may still take some damage due to terrain, flame towers, or the following skills:

- Blizzard, Meteor Shower and Thunder Storm.
● Even if the growth of crops at garden reaches 200%, the yield will not be reduced anymore.
● The guild emblem of the occupying guild will now be displayed correctly in Pilgrim's Haven.

● PvP damage inflicted among characters have increased.




About  5.33% ~ 7.54%


About 6.48% ~ 8.60%


About 6.25% ~ 7.30%


About 9.89% ~ 13.48%


About  4.63% ~ 6.01%


About 5.73% ~ 6.63%


About  6.89% ~ 8.77%


About 7.19% ~ 8.62%


About 7.80% ~ 11.09%


About 6.00% ~ 7.39%


About  6.77% ~ 9.63%


About 7.47% ~ 10.04%

● Crowd Control (CC) effect during PvP has been adjusted.

- Previously, Stun, Stiffness, Knockback effects were considered in a set. Bound, Knockdown, and Floating were considered in another set. Lastly, Grapple was considered an exclusive effect where it could be applied in any situation except for Invincibility.

- These ways were introduced to make noticeable each skill effect’s characteristics, but difference in each character’s distinct Crowd Control skills made room for unfair advantages.

- Especially, Grapple worked as an exclusive Crowd Control mechanic which further increased the gap in unfair advantage among classes who owned the skill against classes who didn’t.

- As a result, changes were applied to Crowd Control effects so that all classes would perform attacks and defenses in equal terms and conditions.

- This is only a part of the entire balance work we are hoping to place to better ensure equality among classes and Damage incurred for certain classes will continue to be adjusted.

- For now, the changes in Crowd Control effects are as follows:



Knockdown, Bound, Floating, Knockback, Stun, Grapple

Activated at max 2 times (After the 2nd time activated, it will reset after 5 sec. of cooldown)


Continuously-activated (Same as the previous version)

Air Smash

Activated at 100% chance when the opponent is in midair (by Crowd Control and etc.) (Same as the previous version)

Down Smash

Activated at 30% chance when the opponent is lying on ground (Same as the previous version)

- Crowd Control effects (Knockdown, Bound, Floating, Grapple, Knockback, Stun) effects can be performed at max 2 times. After the 2nd time, there will be a cooldown of 5 second where no effect will be applied.

- From the first Crowd Control skill performed (1st time), the receiver will be resistant for a 1 sec. and after receive Crowd Control effect (up to 2 times).

- The reason for this short period of resistance of 1 sec. is to prevent stacking up of same skills and also to allow combos to be performed in between. However, this period of resistance may be changed in the future for balance purposes.

- Air Smash, Down Smash, and Stiffness will not have restriction of count.

- When lying down, Stun, Stiffness, and Knockback effects will not be applied and this does not count toward Crowd Control count.

- Even if it’s the same Crowd Control effect, each class will have slight difference in time of maintaining the effects. This is due to the different actions performed of each class and will receive further adjustments in the near future to balance this out.

- Note that the actual changes that are recognized can differ based on your PC performance, network condition, etc



● Skill de__scription of Flow: Armor Break has been adjusted to fit the actual skill details.

- If Great Sword Defense succeeds > during Great Sword Defense

- Hits the enemy with the great sword's broad side → Hits the enemy in the front with the Great Sword's broad side

● Fixed the graphical glitch on Goyen cape that was triggered upon equipping the awakening weapon.

● Fixed the issue where the skill Frenzied Destroyer could not be used while performing the skill Elastic Force.



● Skill de__scription of Elion's Blessing has been partially revised.

- Before: DP and Resistances up greatly for player and friends

- After: DP increases by 999 and Resistance increases by 100% for player and friends



● Fixed the issue where the following skills were not displayed properly upon use through Quick Slot in non-combat normal mode:

- Ninjutsu: Shackles, Fatal Blow, Fox Claw, Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp, Ankle Cutter, Crescent Slash, Ninjutsu: Shadow Clone, Ninjutsu: Black Moonlight, and Ninjutsu: Shadow Explosion.



● Fixed the issue where the following skills were not displayed properly upon use through Quick Slot in non-combat normal mode:

- Ninjutsu: Shackles, Fatal Blow, Fox Claw, Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp, Ankle Cutter, Crescent Slash, Ninjutsu: Shadow Clone, Ninjutsu: Black Moonlight, Shuriken: Malice, Shuriken: Flight, Boss Slaughter, and Beheading the Dead.



● Tamer’s character actions have been optimized for better gameplay.

● The cooldown time of the skill Command: Attack has been changed from 10 sec. to 4 sec.

● The PvE damage of the following skills has been increased.

Skill Name



Bolt Wave I



Bolt Wave II



Bolt Wave III



Jolt Wave I



Evasive Attack I



Evasive Attack II



Evasive Attack III



Heilang: Scratch I



Heilang: Scratch II



Heilang: Scratch III



Heilang: Throat-Burn I



Heilang: Throat-Burn II



Heilang: Whiplash I



Heilang: Whiplash II



Heilang: Whiplash III



● Heilang will deal more damage after learning the following skills.

- Summon Heilang I: +50%

- Summon Heilang II: +25%

- Summon Heilang III: +20%

- Summon Heilang IV: +15%

● Skill de__scription of Flowing Water II has been partially revised.

- Before: Stamina Consumption decreases.

- After: Stamina consumption decreases by 50.

● The character motion for the skill Flow: Leap has been improved and now looks more natural.

● Fixed the issue where the de__scription of the skill Stretch Kick I was stating that MP is recovered on a good 2nd hit.

● Fixed the issue where Shortsword would be exposed upon using the skill Legendary Beast’s Power through Quick Slot in Celestial Bo Staff mode.

● Fixed the issue where, upon right-clicking after using the skill Legendary Beast’s Power through Quick Slot, the skill Whiplash would be launched in Celestial Bo Staff mode.

● Fixed the issue where, upon use of the skill Whiplash, combo attack with the Heilang could not be launched.



● Fixed the incorrectly named preceding skills in Flow: Rushing Wind and Flow: Heavenly Knot.


【Wizard, Witch】

● Skill de__scription of Lightning Chain has been partially revised.

- Before: Damage slightly reduced if skill is performed consecutively.

- After: Damage reduced by 15% per hit if performed consecutively. (Not lower than 40% of the original damage amount)

● Skill de__scription of Protected Area has been partially revised.

- Before: Dramatically increases DP

- After: DP increases by 999

● Additional effects have been added to the staff wielding motion in the character creation screen.


● Connecting from Aqua Jail Explosion to Flame Knot been made quicker.


● Fixed the graphical glitch that appeared on the bottom of the Wilderness outfit when in awakening combat stance.



● The drop rate of the following accessories have nearly doubled from before:

Ring of Crescent Guardian, Basilisk's Belt, Serap's Necklace, Centaurus Belt, Ring of Cadry Guardian.

● The following info has been added to the de__scription of Tears of the Wind.

- Cannot use this item while changing server, character, or reconnecting to the server.
● If you install an Elephant Fountain on the upper floor of a loft residence, the water effect will not shown on the lower floor.

●  Sub-weapons have been improved.

- For some items that have low AP and high accuracy stats (For example: Red Coral Earrings), no changes were made to these items because these items were not lacking in terms of performance.
- Please check the following to see how these Target Items have been up-leveled according to the Standard Item.


Target Item

Standard Item

Vangertz Shield

Saiyer Ornamental Knot

Bronze Dagger

Helrick Talisman

Incense Trinket

Black Horn Warrior Bow

Quitar Kunai

Quitar Shuriken


Target Item

Standard Item

Axion Shield

Steel Dagger

Jubre Talisman

Oros Ornamental Knot

Needle Trinket

White Horn Bow

Estique Kunai

Estique Shuriken


Target Item

Standard Item

Rhik Talisman

Parrying Dagger

Blade Trinket

Damage Reduction-oriented

Target Item


Kite Shield

Same as Standard

Theos Ornamental Knot

Krea Sub-Weapon

Target Item

Standard Item

Krea Dagger

Krea Shield

Krea Talisman

Krea Trinket

Krea Horn Bow

Krea Kunai

Krea Shuriken

Rosar Sub-Weapon

Target Item

Standard Item

Rosar Dagger

Rosar Shield

Rosar Talisman

Rosar Trinket

Rosar Horn Bow

Rosar Kunai

Rosar Shuriken

● The effects of the Giath’s Helmet have been adjusted.

- Damage reduction bonus has become -3 and damage reduction has become +3, so DP has increased.

● Steel Dagger has been upgraded.

- From PRI (I) to PEN (V), damage reduction will increase by 1, so for PEN (V) the item will have a damage reduction effect of 5.

● Fixed how the information on the gathering node for Longleaf Tree Sentry Post had Silk Honey Grass listed twice.

● You can now sell [Event] Ellie’s Small Water Balloon to NPC vendors.


● The monster zones in Valencia have been adjusted.

The kind of experience we want you to have with Black Desert Online is a balanced give and take in your PvE experience. We want you to be able to feel that as you train you get stronger and you are able to become more efficient at PvE. However, the strength of the monsters in game are fixed, and as time passes some monster zones become too unchallenging for Adventurers who keep on growing and become stronger.


Also, as characters become specialized or gain long-distance attacks, as their AP rises it is inevitable that all monster zones have become overwhelmingly monopolized. For some, even before a skill has finished, all mounters around them are already defeated and PvE combat starts to lose its fun.


Therefore, in order to reignite passion for PvE we have added Renown Score and Bonus Level and readjusted the recommended AP of certain monster zones to bring back balance to PvE contents.


In addition, the drop rate of main items at monster zones have been raised so the profits from monster zones with higher recommended AP has been increased, so that you all can hopefully enjoy the fun of PvE and also profit more from it.


This update will bring character bonus based monster balance adjustments as well as making the drop rate for certain Accessories at monster zones twice as high.

In the future, we would like to bring you more balanced monster zones not by making the monsters there stronger but by giving stronger rewards.

● Renown Score has been added, and accordingly monster’s AP in Valencia have been increased.

● The terminology for the following combat areas (checked from World Map) has switched names from Recommended AP to Optimal AP. Areas where Optimal AP is labeled are areas where you can enjoy the greatest efficiency in defeating monsters with the optimal AP mentioned.

- In Mediah: All areas with monsters



● Fixed the issue where character’s falling direction after being hit by a horse’s Hind Kick skill was not natural looking.


【Quest, Knowledge】
● The following escort quests can now be accepted properly.

- Escape from Waragon Cave

- Break the Siege

- Strategic Retreat

- Saving Raiding Party Members

- Calpheon Messenger on a Horse

- Calpheon Messenger

- Plantation Wheat Cart

- Wandering Otter

- Medic Nichol Baxter

- Goblin with Pearl Oyster

-  A Jester Looking for the City

- The Shai with the Herb Basket

- The Goblin with a Load of Herbs

- Melva Wants to Return

-  A Horrible Fighter

- Lost Grandma

- Bring my Colleagues!

- Escape from Crisis

- Lost Toya

- Lost Weehol

- Lost Maum

- Please Find Kirre

- In Search of Freharau

- Back to Glish

- Finding the Sister

- In Search of Obsidian

- Don't Wanna Open My Eyes

- Jobs Wanted

- Finding Murana

- Finding Alugren

-Finding a Brother

- Frantic Baum

- Frantic Gnol

- Frantic Cheru

- Coward Rovant

- Express Delivery

- Incas In Danger

- Flower Blooming in Ruins

- Nightmare Revealed

- Traces of Forgotten Cron

- An Alchemist in Velia

- Alustin's Two Daughters

- Clumsy but Exceptional Eileen

- Life-risking Infiltration

- Memorial Service for the Fallen People

- Emma's Nightmare

- [Daily] For the Desert Travelers
● The navigation paths for the following quests have been fixed:

- Lost Grandma

- Melva Wants to Return

- Wandering Otter

- The Shai with the Herb Basket

● Splashy Water Balloon will now be respawn after 15 minutes. (Previously 1 hour)

● It’s been adjusted that it will be easier to pop a Splashy Water Balloon now.

● The target fish to catch in the quest Round Head has been changed from Tapertail Anchovy to Croaker.


[NPC, Background]

● Fixed the unnatural topography in Rumbling Land.

● Fixed the awkward camera angle that was triggered when talking to certain NPCs in Northwestern Gateway.

● Fixed the issue where NPC Doctor Brogia sometimes did not appear in Longleaf Tree Forest.

● Meeting Edan for the first time in Olvia will not play the cutscene anymore.

● Fixed the issue where camera angles would become awkward when talking to some Worker NPCs in Shakatu’s Territory.



● Black Magic Crystal - Assault has been added to the list for Basilisk Den in ESC menu’s Item Drop.

● When inspecting items __linked in the chat window, the item type indicator appearing on the top right of the item de__scription has been moved next to the close button.
● An icon to check Renown Score has been added to the bottom part of Inventory window. After clicking on the icon to check full de__scription, you need to close the window manually.

● The missing item icons for the following items have been added to the Crafting Notes.

- Steamed Chewy Whale Meat

- Whale Meat Salad

● Fixed the issue where a Status window about Transportation would intermittently open in World Map.


● Kicking out a guild member will now function more smoothly, even if Guild Master and Officer kick out the same member at the same time.

● Pressing ESC on a gamepad after entering the detailed customization screen in Beauty (F4) such as hair and face settings will close the detailed customization window and redirect you to the default Beauty screen.

● Fixed the FPS drop issue when passing by large cities or NPC-crowded areas.

【Resolved Issues】

● Fixed the issue where a ship taken out from Calpheon Wharf Manager was immobile.


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