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GM_Heidel 2018-05-03 07:10
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[Event] Share Black Desert’s New Class Facebook Posting!


Hello, Adventurers!

This is The MMORPG Black Desert.


To celebrate the pre-registration of Dark Knight, Mystic and Striker on May 3rd, we’re holding a very simple event!

Share the Facebook posting below and reply in the [Posting] here on the website with the URL!


All Adventurers who participate before the event ends will get a 1x Value Pack (1 Day)!


Adventurers who have not purchased a package can still participate by signing up for a Black Desert account.

Don’t miss out on your chance to participate and also play Black Desert for free by using a guest pass coupon!

  • When you sign up, a guest pass coupon will be applied automatically.


[Go to the FB Posting]


[Share FB Posting Event]

  • Event Period: 05/03 (after maintenance) ~05/17 (before maintenance)

  • How to Participate: Share the posting below and post the URL of your share on your FB on this [Posting] as a reply on the thread.

  • Reward: 1x Value Package (1 Day) (All Participants)

                 * Reward will be sent to web storage after the maintenance on 05/24.


[Please Note]

• The posting must not be taken down at least until the rewards from the event are finalized and sent out. If the share posting is not up at the time of reward delivery, you may be excluded from the rewards.

• There may be restrictions on trading and selling event reward items and there may be usage restriction periods.

• Event rewards will be sent to families that meet the event requirements. Pearl Abyss is not responsible for the physical delivery of the reward prizes and is not liable for any damages incurred while transporting the prize, nor responsible for restoring the item.

• The rewards of this event may be changed depending on circumstance, and doing so does not warrant a replacement or restoration of the prize.

• The reward items can only be sent once per family.

• Please check the in-game item de__scription on whether the item is bound..

• If you use unauthorized methods to participate or use someone else’s posting to participate, your prize may be cancelled.

• The FB posting must be set to public at the time of the winner announcement. The URL must be clearly stated and be checked by the operations team.

• Winner announcements and prize delivery schedule will be announced separately through the website and facebook page.

• Event contents and period may be adjusted or cancelled depending on circumstance of the company.

• Black Desert reserves the right to modify, change, delete and stop the event. If changed, the changes will be posted on the official website. We will not send individual notices.

• Participating in the event or collecting items through abnormal methods will result in prize cancellation and retri__eval of items acquired illegally as well as restriction from the game.

• For additional information on the event, please contact 1:1 Customer Support.

• Event details not listed here follows the Black Desert Event Rules.


Thank you.



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