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06/21 Update details
GM_Trent 2018-06-21 18:10
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Hello, adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.

Check out the latest updates for June 21st 2018.

Introducing Marni’s Stone, Camp and Caphras Stone.

Please find below for detail updates!


(Patch volume approx. 669.10 MB)


●  Use Marni’s Stone to Level Up Fast Event!
- Period : 21 June 2018 (After weekly maintenance) ~ 19 July 2018 (Before weekly maintenance)
- Special item for level 57~61 Adventurers!

 Use the stone to level up fast and achieve level 62!

[ Click here for more details ]

●  Find the Golden Ball Event!

- Period : 22 June 2018 00:00 ~ 5 July 2018 23:59
- Join us at the Soccer Festival in Black Desert!

Find the “[Event] Golden Ball” to obtain various rewards!

[ Click here for more details ]

● New Pearl Items are now introduced in the Pearl Shop. Click the __link below for more details!

[▶Go to Pearl Shop Update]


● Campsite system has been added.

- Adventurers who complete the quest ‘[Boss] Witch-Hunting’ which is one of the Calpheon Main Quests, can accept the Quest ‘Survival Guru’ from the Black Spirit.

[ Click here for more details ]

● Marni’s Stone has been added.

- Marni’s Stone is a great addition to those who look for more training. Marni’s Stone is available for anyone that is level 57 or above.

[ Click here for more details ]

● Ancient Spirit Powder and Caphras Stone have been added.

  • You can craft one Caphras Stone by mixing 5 Ancient Spirit Powder and 1 Black Stone (weapon or armor) together via Simple Alchemy.

  • You can get 10 Caphras Stones by mixing 50 Ancient Spirit Powder, 10 Black Stones, and 1 Black Stone Powder together.

  • Ancient Spirit Powder and Caphras Stones are obtainable by gathering (mining, underwater gathering, fluid collecting and lumbering) and by hunting monsters in Valencia.

  • Caphras Stones are also available from certain daily quests.

  • Ancient Spirit Powder and Caphras Stones can be looted in the below grind spots. The drop rate is higher in Aakman Temple.

            : Bashim Base, Desert Naga Temple, Titium Valley, Gahaz Bandit's Lair, Cadry Ruins, Taphtar Plain, Basilisk Den, Crescent Shrine, Pila Ku Jail, Roud Sulfur Mine, Aakman Temple, Hystria Ruins
[ Click here for more details ]


● Fixed the issue where current location of the character in some areas of Weita Island wrongfully came out as Cron Islands.

● Fixed the issue there ‘Assemble!’ function could not be used at the start of Conquest Wars.

● Fixed the intermittent issue where annexes and installments of Node/Conquest Wars would be overlapped together when installed.

●Guild Crafting system has been revamped.

Now you can access the Guild Crafting window from Guild (G) > Guild Crafting. The details of the revision are as follows:

    • In the Guild Crafting window, select “Select Product” and then the item and quantity you want to produce.

    • After you press “Start Crafting,” a menu will appear where you can input the crafting materials.

    • You can input the required materials from your personal inventory.

    • Please note that you can not retrieve items you have inputted.

    • Once all the materials have been inputted, crafting can begin.

    • Once crafting begins, the expected work time until completion will appear, as well as a button to “Complete Now.”

      • Unfortunately “Complete Now” function is inactive at the moment and this will be fixed next maintenance.

    • The completed product will automatically be stored in your Guild Storage.

    • Instead of using workers, Guild members can now input items from their personal Inventories for Guild Crafting.

    • However, you need to input all of the necessary materials to start crafting.

      • (Therefore, we believe that it would be helpful to gather all the necessary materials before bidding on a Guild House.)

    • The crafting time for each item you can Guild Crafting is set. You can use Guild Funds to use the “Complete Guild Crafting Now” function and finish crafting an item immediately.

      • It will cost 10,000 Silver per second left of the estimated work time to “Complete Now.”

    • You cannot choose multiples of the same item for Guild Crafting.

    • There is a daily limit for each craftable item through Guild Crafting.

    • Each craftable item through Guild Crafting can be crafted one at a time..

      • The Guild skills, house and materials you would need for Guild Crafting have not changed.

    • The completed product will automatically be stored in your Guild Storage.

    • Guild Activity will not rise for Guild Crafting.

    • Guild Crafting specs:

Guild Crafting Items

Cost to “Complete Now” (Silver)

Crafting Time

Daily Production Limit

[Guild] Registration: Valencia Elephant


24 Hours


[Guild] Registration: Cadria Elephant


24 Hours


[Guild] Bountiful Basket


24 Hours


[Guild] Capotia Golden Elephant Mask


12 Hours


[Guild] Capotia Golden Elephant Armor


12 Hours


[Guild] Capotia Silk Saddle


12 Hours


[Guild] Capotia Silk Stirrups


12 Hours


[Guild] Steel Armor for Combat


12 Hours


[Guild] Steel Mask for Combat


12 Hours


[Guild] Silk Saddle for Combat


12 Hours


[Guild] Silk Stirrups for Combat


12 Hours



    • Materials for the items that were under Guild Crafting before the changes made with the 6/21 maintenance will be returned to Guild Storage.

    • When the materials are returned, they may not be correctly stacked if you have the same material in your Guild Storage. In that case, if you transfer the items to your personal inventory and then transfer them back into the Guild Storage, the items should be correctly stacked.

●Fixed the issue where the bright silhouette outline of an NPC did not show when facing an NPC.

● Fixed the awkward graphical glitch in the look of the characters when entering unregistrable character name in the Character Creation window.


● Fixed the issue where kick could not be used when switching to combat mode while moving left and right in non-combat mode.


● Fixed the graphical awkwardness in the arms of the Sorceress upon equipping a Sub-weapon


● Fixed the issue where damage cannot be inflicted intermittently when using the skill Tree Climb.

● Fixed the issue where the skill Healing: Howling and Command: Attack would be canceled if Tamer was inflicted a hit during the attack motion.



● The skill Flow: Sharp Feather III can now be used by pressing Shift + RMB as well.

    • This method has been added to the skill de__scription.

● The damage inflicted of the skill Flow: Sharp Feather III activated with Shift + RMB will now be the same as the damage of the skill Penetrating Wind. (Damage will depend on the level of the skill Penetrating Wind when using Flow: Sharp Feather III).

● When using the skill Penetrating Wind after Dash Kick while having Flow: Sharp Feather III learned, CC effect will now be applied on the first hit and in PvE only.

● Fixed the issue where PvP damage would not be decreased when the skill Penetrating Wind was used again during its cooldown.

● Fixed the issue where the sheath would disappear when switching from Longbow to Kamasylven Sword with Karlstein Dagger equipped.



● Fixed the graphical issue where an unnatural line would appear on the neck part of the Witch.

● Fixed the graphical issue where the face would penetrate through the helmet upon equipping [Valkyrie] Venslar Helmet depending on the size of the head.

● The 2nd attack effect of the skill Heavy Fist performed while standing has been edited.

● Fixed the graphical awkwardness in the motion of the attacked target when Flow: Tornado Kick is used after using the skill Knee Hammer by the Striker.


● Fixed the item tooltip text that appears when registering Snowball Rosefinch or Snowflake Rosefinch.

    • Desert Disease Resistance → Finds rare monsters


● Fixed the issue where the bow of the Saunil Archer seemed to appear levitated in air.


[NPC, Background]

● Fixed the issue where house doors in Velia would be penetrated through without collision intermittently.

● Secret Shop NPC Morco of the Crow Merchants Guild will now also appear in Valencia City.

● Fixed the graphical issue where objects in some areas of Helms Post would appear to be overlapped when Graphics setting was set to Optimal under Display Settings in Settings.

● The surface ground of crescent square area in Valencia City has been made more natural to allow freer movement of characters.



● Copyright window on game Settings will now be shown in full screen.

● A new feature has been added to check the remaining time for usage of Blessing of Kamasylve, Value Pack, and Merv’s Palette.

    • If there are less than 72 hours left on the usage effect for these times, the remaining time text box and alarm effect will be added to the item icons.

● The list of areas on Item Drop Information window will now be displayed in the order based on Recommended AP of the areas.

● It has been fixed so that Main Server UI would not be displayed in the Character Selection screen.

● Icons to locate the following field bosses have been added to the World Map (M).

      • Red Nose

      • Dastard Bheg

      • Giant Mudster


【Known Issue】

  • We are aware that revised Accuracy effects are not implemented properly and the fix is in progress.

    • The revised Accuracy effects are displayed with “Accuracy + n%” in the skill tooltip window.

※ Many of our adventurers have reported that Accuracy is not being implemented properly, including for the Witch and Wizard, and we went through an extensive review in covering all skills of all classes. As a result, we confirmed on this issue and we are working to fix it fast.

Typically for the Witch and Wizard, these two classes utilize many skills that are affected by the revised Accuracy and thus the issue might have been felt stronger.

We sincerely apologize for the extended review process and the inconvenience we have caused.

This known issue is scheduled to be fixed next maintenance. We apologize once again to all of our dear adventurers.

  • We are aware that Guild Crafting’s ‘Complete Now’ button is inactive at the moment. This will be fixed next week’s maintenance.

  • Hunter’s Seals will not be exchangeable with Thyshelle Arms in Tarif temporarily. Upon right-clicking the Hunter’s Seal item, navigation to Thyshelle Arms will be activated but item exchange will not be possible. This temporary revision will be restored next maintenance.


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