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Black Desert Turkey & MENA Launched Arab
GM_Trent 2018-06-28 13:41
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Hello, Adventurers!

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


After maintenance on 6/28/2018 (Thu), Adventurers will be able to chat using Arabic in Black Desert Turkey & MENA.


We hope many of our Adventurers will find this update useful, as we work hard to provide great game service for everyone.


If you would like to chat in Arabic, please follow the steps listed below.

If you have suggestions related to this service, please send us a ticket and we shall try our best to review them.

We will continue to improve our services and make it easier to access for Arabic users.


■ How to switch input direction


▲ Check the ‘Switch Input Direction’ located under the chatting window.

※ You may experience issues if check this box while not chatting in Arabic.


Chat-Channel Settings


What are Chat-Channel Settings?

This allows Adventurers to select a channel according to language. Each language is grouped together on to a single channel.

Adventurers can use this option to better communicate with others using the same language.

Please note that this is not a language filtering option. Even if you select a specific language, other languages may appear on chat.


■  How to set Chat-Channel settings


1. Click ‘Settings’ on the right side of the screen.

2. Go to Performance > General Settings > Language

3. Select Arabic under Chat-Channel: Send & Receive

* Once you complete step 3,  ‘Switch Input Direction’ will be checked automatically.


■ How to change font size


1.Click the cogwheel button at the top of your chatting window.


2. Go to the Font Size tab to change font sizes.


Hope our Adventurers will enjoy chatting in Arabic.

Thank you.


※ This notice will be posted in Arabic to commemorate the Arabic Chat Service


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