Tips & Guides [Black Desert Scholar] New players!
Hellbound 2018-08-02 07:38
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the best advice i can give the new players is to take it easy, enjoy the amazing graphics and options that the game offers, this is a sandbox mode game so there is no need to rush for anything take your time and learn the game through guides and vidoes.
if you rush to catch up to everyone you will burn yourself out very fast, everything will work out just fine just take the time and learn.

there are many life skills to choose from and many different ways to make silver, some ways give more silver than others, but its something that youre going to be doing frequently, so try everything or watch a video about it then choose what option suits your taste more.

one last small tip i can give is that you also should participate in the game events, the game offers many events that give alot of valiable items and stuff to help the players, taking part in these events will grant you alot benefits! including leveling in the Olivia servers that offer a very good exp buffs for new players.

good luck to all new players and have a fun time playing the game !


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