Tips & Guides Black Desert Scholar for new Players
Darkxeon 2018-08-02 07:43
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# 1

The best advice I would give for new players is grind while you can on Olivia for xp. Do the quast  that will give you the free magical roaring chest armour and the blackabisal weapon and the try and do bosses to get gear and aswell farm nagas from 56 if your damage can hold it and gear .Aswell dont try to pk early on. And be respectfull to others farming areas they will kill you.

Free Gear from the black spirit

1. Black Abyssal Weapon : Good weapon to start with

2. Roaring Magical Armor  :  Free decent cheast pice


5. Boss gear order : Weapons  :

5.1 Kzarka's Sealed Weapon Box

5.2 Dandelion Weapon Box

5.3 Kutum's Sealed Sub-weapon Box


Nouver's Sealed Sub-weapon Box (Late game)


3. Grunil Armor :   (for easer acces to AP)

4. Strength Armor of Heve  :   (For ap and better set  once you have boss gloves)


Boss Armours

5.4 Bheg's Gloves

5.5 Dim Tree Spirit's Armor


Red Nose's Armor

5.6 Giath's Helmet

5.7 Muskan's Shoes



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