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[Black Desert Scholar] Tips for Starters
RıdıculousPING 2018-08-05 02:37
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Hello, my name is Ridiculous PING and here is my small part of tips for all the new starters in this amazing world of Black Desert Online.First off if you are looking for a really good PVE game you are at the right place with Black Desert Online's lots of activities such as Horse training, Fishing, Hunting, Farming and way much more with the each coming updates. I would like to point out that by Farming I mean actuall farming crops not farming enemies, as it is a common part of an RPG game that we can see anywhere.

So to the Tips and Tricks for Starters;

1st: You have to choose a class that you really like, when I say really like I mean it. If you start a charachter such as Wizard class due to getting amazed from magic, you might be for a tough ride as the game is really amazing in all of its assets but it might be misleading. I recommend before choosing a class you should watch how all classes attack and move among the battlefield to find a class to your liking.

2nd: As you choose a charachter you liked, Costumize it carefully or look at beauty album for other players creations to use for your liking. You can change your charachters body and facial features later on in the game but it will cost real life currency or an event to give you the necessary item to do so.

3rd: Be aware of your surrounding in the game, when you start the game there will be lot of people/NPC to meet and get missions from which may infact give you gold ingots to support your charachters progress. For my first go through I found out I have missed a lot of missions that have came up later on when you do another job that can be found around the area or even if you meet a new NPC and another NPC may start asking for anyone to help with his overweight Golden ingots. :D

4th: When you got everything right , I really recommend looking for specific tips for your chosen charachter to get a good gear to support your charachters attributes and make you a powerfull killing machines within the game.

5th: Don't forget to have fun, the game is made for enjoyment purposes if you force yourself to play the game to reach a certain level you might end up making yourself get bored of the game for making to much fuss about leveling and grinding equipment. Just Play The Game As Its Supposed to and HAVE FUN!!!


I hope my tips may help anyone looking for any sort of help with the game and its world if you need any more help or support you can contact me or anybody else within the game , as the most of the people playing it will be happy to help other player out with informations and tactics within the game.


Best Regards,



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