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[Black Desert Scholar] BD Complete Guide
Ngato 2018-08-06 01:51
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# 1

Hey guys, I'm Ngato from IronHand guild and I'll guide you to get 470+ GS in one month or even less and I will cover most of the game sides.


-Before level 56

There is nothing particularly important before level 56 you need to do, only do all your main quests and any side quest you can pick for the contrubtion points exp (you might be asking what is CP, I will cover that later), also pick a main town to put all your silver and gold bars and everything precious. I recommend Velia, Altinova or Heidel, but at the end it's personal preference so pick whatever is sutiable for you.


Well gearing before 56 many will argue about it, but I will tell you what I have done and saved me a fortune - before 56 every 1 million silver is a fortune - I would recommend to stick with every black spirit rewards armors and weapons and do all the suggestion quests in black spirit whenever you can, when you reach level 45 you will get a quest called Best Weapon and Armor in Calpheon from black spirit in suggestion tab you can borrow superb Kaia Weapon and Armor and each part cost 50 Contrubtion points and I recommend you start with the weapon it will boost you AP every weapon gives 59~63 AP beside the nice status.

Here is picture for the weapon status

This sword did hold with me till I got 56.

For the gear keep everything called Dim Magical, you will get Dim Magical Armor, Dim Magical off hand, Dim Magical accessories and when you level up black spirit will give you a quest to exchange this items for a better one that will hold you till you reach 56.


-Level 56 and beyond
Congratulations ! you have been through alot and must have noticed how hard to level up compared to the previous level(s). Don't worry I'm here and I will explain in detail how to boost your gear score - AKA renown score - to face the new challenges and become an expert adventurer.

Did you finish your awaken quest and recived your awaken weapon ? NO !! then open your black spirit and do it, when you finish it you will recive your awaken weapon and you can use to unleash your class true power. Note that you will need good amount of skill points to unlock your awaken skills.

So now you have your awaken weapon you wonder what should you do, you go farming and you get upset by your damage output because you used to give this weakling monsters 1 hit, oh wait you're not using your awaken skills you are using your main weapon? AGAIN !

At this point you will not need to use your main class skill just your awaken skills, Why you asking ? I will cover that later on.


So gearing at this level become more challenging you will need a better main weapon than that one you got by your contrubtion points, so before returning it you will need to get a better one, so wich weapon should you pick and ENHANCE to get it at least PRI or DUO, wait what is PRI or DUO you might be asking, PRI and DUO are nicknames I might say for +16 and + 17 respectively, you also might be asking is this guy nuts or this game has easy enhancing system, well I would pick the last. This game has unique system called fail stack the more you fail in enhancing the more chance your next enhance will be a success, so how to make fail stacks and start enhancing, well fail stacking isn't easy though to start right away you must first know how to fail stack otherwise you will lose tones of silver and you end up saying "IF I DID SELL ALL THESE ITEMS I USED IN ENHANCING I WOULD GET MORE THAN THIS DAMN WEAPON PRICE GOD DAMMIT RNG"

Unfortunately, I will not cover fail stack section I will __________link you a video because I belive no one did and will illstruate failstack better than Morrolan, but before you get in failstack you still need to know what is the best weapon and armor for you.

Picture worth a thousand words, so what about a video.

Morrolan did another great gearing guide for 2017 but it still good till now just skip the STARTER and INTERMEDIATE accessories part because you will get free asula set from farming in Mediah wich has better status than most base accessories in the game, and you can keep your chest to be last item to upgrade becuase you got Roaring Magical armor that black spirit gave you by exchange quest I mentiond before.

Gearing guide

Now you got the gear you see it fit for you, then lets enhance it.

Failstack guide

So you did enhance and everything went well, that's great !

So by now you spent good amount of silver that you want to recover right now, farming is option but I don't recommend it yet. What I recommend is Savage Rift.

One thing to keep in mind, before enhancing calculate the cost of making fail stacks and reparing the item if it's higher than the current market price for this enhancing level buy it directly, you will notice this in enhancing cheap accessories.

-Savage Rift

Savage rift is easy way to get silver and you might end up lucky and get boss gear parts that's equal 90M silver or serap's necklance that's equal 13M silver and each successful run rewards you with 8M silver, each run takes around 45mins and each run consist of 25 rounds, to join Savage rift you must be 56 or above you get nice EXP from each run too but unfortunately there is no skill point EXP obtaind from Savage Rift, you can join the rift only on these servers Balenos-2 Serendia-2 and Calpheon-2.


So what is savage rift, basicly it's like Zuma game if you ever played it. Your team and you are trying to defend the crystal from the monsters, each wave is harder and you will need good strategy to achive wining.

Your AP does not inflict dmg to the monsters you need Matchlock which you can buy inside the rift with rift points, you starts with 30 points you get the ammo and the matchlock equip it and kill the monsters each kill rewards you with points depends on monster kill difficulty, when you get 250 points buy the Enhanced Matchlock and don't forget to check for your ammo durability before buying because you might end with no points and no ammo, after that ask who's the builder and give him/her all the points you will get from killing the monsters and for sure keep some for the ammo and the potions.

The builder is the guy who's responsple for building barrciades and flame towers that you will need to jump into in wave 12 and above.

Here's a visualized guide that walk you through savage rift step by step.


Keep in mind that The channel screen does not __________refresh the status by itself so if you want to get in you will need to close and open the page till the status turn to wait list and you keep hiting enter till you succeed in joining and if you fail hit hold ASAP to hold your place in next rift run.

Now you know what you should do, you've learned how to fail stack, what is the better armor for you and finaly you know where to get silver when you're short on.


My final advice for you, is keep enhancing your gear till you reach 390+ renown then go farm in 100 AP area while waiting for your reservation in savage rift to balance the skill points with your level, and most importantly join a guild that can accept your renown score, there is pleanty of guilds out there and if you couldn't find english guild you can join a turkish and most likely they will accept you, majority of them are kind.



What is CP ?

CP or contribution points is used to invest in nodes and working nodes to send workers into to get resources for you, also to rent items from npcs, buy houses, workshops, workers lodging and storage space.


What is hunter seals ?

Hunter seals can be turned for black stones armor and weapon, also it can be turned for reform stones. Right click on the seals in your inventory and click on NPC location, it will guide you to the npc that you can change hunter seals for the mentioned itmes.


I got Mutant Enhancer after savage rift, what is that ?

Mutant enhancer is like hunter seals you change it for items but more valuable items like witch's earing, mark of shadow and ogre ring. You do the same to find the npc to turn the mutant enhancer in.


I need to hire a worker how can I do that ?

You press the magnifer icon ingame right to the map on top right and click on worker, path will be taken to the nearest worker npc


I'm still confused about gearing/skills what should I use or what is better ?

Unfortunately, my knowladge about classes is limited but I can get you to the right path if you're DK. Please check this website for complete guide about your calss and best gearing in the author's opinion.


I got workers and CP but I don't know what node should I work on ?

Here's a complete guide I personally use and built my workers empire on.


I always keep losing track on workers, what should I do ?

it's fine, it happen alot espically if your worker empire is huge.

Here's a tracker I personally made, feel free to make a copy and edit it on your drive to suits your workers empire.


I need a better horse what should I do ?

You can particate in races to get seals and turn it for T6~T8 horses or you can wait and black spirit will give you T5 horse with nice status and skills.


Is there is any other way I can obtain boss gear from ?

Beside killing the boss and let the RNG decied your fate, buying it off the market with high pre-order price or failing at biding, Yes there is !

There is a night vendor that comes only at in game night time from 10 PM to 7 AM, you can access his secret shop by spending 50 energy every time you ____________refresh the shop it consume 50 energy, you might get lucky and get a boss item for -50% of it's market price or 200% increase in it's price.

you can find him at Hidel, Altinova, Velia and Calpheon.

NPC name Patrigio you can search for him in NPC finder I showed you how in how to hire a worker question.


Where I can find asula accessories set ?

You can obtain it from Abandon Iron mine, Elric Shrine and Helms post and many other places in the game.

You can also check for all farming spots drop through ESC.


I got weakend asula but I can't equip it, why ?

Weakend asula parts is made to make it easier for you to collect the full set, you need 3 parts of the same part and you can turn it into to real equipable part, and also you can exchange 1 weaken part for another part eg; you got 2 weakend ring and 1 weakend belt, you can turn the weakend built into 1 ring and turn the 3 weakend ring for asula ring and vice versa.

Also you can enhance asula set with it's respective weakend asula item.


I'm looking for spesfic item drop rate how can I find it ?

You can check BDODatabase for the %, just search for the item then click on dropped by NPC tab.


I got level 57 and my renown score is 390+, savage rift become boring where should I go ?

Beside completing your main quests and side quests, I recommend you to start grind at desert naga, north of sand grain bazar. They spawn in groups so it's perfect for farming, and don't forget to get Marnie stones.


What is Marnie Stones ?

Marnie Stones are stones you can buy from NPC Wacky Toshi. Black spirit will introduce to him when you reach 57, you can find him almost everywhere near the node manger and in main cites in Valncia. Marnie stone requrie you to collect 250 soul or 500 soul from the killed monsters and you turn the full stone for EXP, I recommend you to buy the 250 soul stone.


I don't know when the world boss/field boss spawn ?

You can always check for the world boss timing inside the game. Press F1 go to world boss section and you will find time table, keep in mind this time table is for turkey time, so if you live in place that have a diffrent timing don't forget to calculate when it will spawn on your country time.

Also I recommend to read how to fight the boss from F1 before going there so you know the mechanics and when to dodge it's attack.

For field bosses, they spawn randomaly during the day in diffrent servers, I recommend you to read field boss section too.


What is so special in awaken weapon/skills ?

AP of awaken skills get influenced by main weapon ap and you get % of the ap from the accessories and the off hand and all the status of the main weapon counts toward the awaken weapon, which make it far more superior in damage. So you might be wondering what is the use of the main skills, well they are immportant too you need to unlock some of them to enhance the awaken skills effect also you will need to unlock all your class passives, also you will need to figure out a combo between your main skills and awaken skills in pvp to chain CC and hit more harder. So basicly awaken is for pve, and mix of both is for pvp.


-Closing thoughts

If you've read all this, I appreciate your time looking into my humble guide and I guarantee you that you will be a great adventurer because that your passion for the game made you read all this lines.

Now after I have written all what I have done and all what I know, I would be happy if the community contrubite to this guide with their thoguhts and support and everyone is welcome to ask anything through game DM.

Final note, this guide was written by my personal preference for gearing and grinding you might find a better way to do what I have done to make me reach 470 GS in a month, if you find a better way please share it with us.


Character Name Ngato
Main Character Dark Knight
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