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[Black Desert Scholar] Training horse
RustyKnight 2018-08-09 14:59
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I only started the game recently and the first thing i noticed was how much time you spend traveling.

I quickly got into training horses, so that I can effectivly earn more money for traveling from A to B. As well as save time for doing so. The process starts of slowly but it turns intoa  really nice passive income after a little initial investment.

To start off, you want to tame your own horses. The optimal horses to tame is

Tier 3 : Level 10

Any Tier 5


When you tame Tier 3 level 10 horses, make sure to keep those and breed them first, they give you a good chance at getting a T5 horse back while the breed count on T3 isnt a loss of value. after breeding. 


T5 horses will be your bread and butter, they level up quite fast, 3-4 days per horse. Each T5 will be around 20milion in value after levleing and every 3 you level will give you 2 foals. Level up one male for each 2 females, you can also find males on the breeding market if you prefer to evel only females.

The best value will be from yout foals. Breeding these at level 30/30 will give a very good chance for a T7 or T8 horse, and at least a T6 back. My first few breeds gave T7 horses back that made me 80-120million each + another foal.


For the process of leveling these horses, Get your training skill up as fast as possible, that means tame all horses you can find initially. They can be sold on market or sold for 50% if stable is too full depending on the value of the horse. I tent to just straight up sell most males under 500k value or any below tier 3.


Once you get to skilled 10, you will receive trainers clothing from a challenge, this clothing will add 15% horse exp. Wearing this while travleing greatly increases the speed at which you level up horses. When traveling make sure to sprint, this also increases the exp gained.


For afk leveling the fasts way is putting 4 horses on a wagob for auto looping, they will gain 4-5 levels per night while being afk.


Taming your horses can be profitable in itself just by being efficient. Always bring a horse back to a stable after visitng a stop, even if its a T1, you will get exp for registering it,a nd even a Tier 1 with charge/drift/sprint/IA can make you a few milion silver. Plan your route, make use of server changes for better tames and keep thosse stables full.


Horse locations can be found on Fammes map and that is about 90% complete.

Some usefull __links for training :

The horse calc :

Breeding results : Breeding results






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