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[Black Desert Scholar] Contrubition Pts
Guru 2018-08-14 08:54
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Firstly welcome to Black Desert Online!

I would like to acknowledge you about one of the most unique aspect of bdo, Contrubition Points!

Firstly dont under estimate worth of contrubition points on long run. You can increase cont points by doing daily quests, doing main quest line and by products of alchemys and cooking...

You dont need to spend anytime with the jobs done with contrubition points which is mostly feeding your workers with beer/chicken. For a comparison you can earn more or less 15m / hour with killing mobs and addition to that you can earn 3 billion monthly by just spending few hours/ monthly!

For beginners best method is to do daily Calpheon, Olivia and Mediah dailies to increase cont points!



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