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[Black Desert Scholar] Trade leveling
Jaehaera 2018-08-23 00:07
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Hello everyone, this is my guide to fast level trade. This is not the classic heidel-velia container method. This is heidel-wagon method. It requires less effort and cp then container method.

Requirements: rent 2 container connect Heidel to Lynch Ranch, place container at lynch ranch near the door, place container near the right wall at Heidel, buy a wagon(more slots are better), get a second character(level doesnt matter, but if you have some trade level you can buy more stuff) and give it equipment that increase weight limit(like hercules armor, treant accessories etc.), put your main character(the one you want to level trade) to lynch ranch and the lifeskill and trade buffs you are going to use on your main character, buy residence at lynch ranch and Heidel no. 3-4, increase storage of Heidel.

The method is, you get money on your alt char. and the wagon near trade manager at velia. You buy enough trade items to fill wagon(dont forget the wight limit when buying trade items!) and fill it. Then ride and put the wagon near the wall of your residence. (or you can put wagon near wall, and buy items from manager and roll to wall and put them in wagon). Then you get in residence and open the container you put near the wall. When you open it, you will see items in wagon too. You click and put items from wagons to Heidel through container. Do this until you fill Heidel warehouse(you can use as many cp to increase storage of Heidel, but using more storage increases effectiveness of buffs)(if you didnt fill it, change server and fill it. sometimes cooldowns may stop you from changing channels. you can change characters and do short stuff like farms if you have or process dont forget to set up a timer until cooldown ends)Then you swap your main char, and use all your buffs for lifekill(pets, food, potion,gms blessing, silver embrodied trade cloth +2, +3)and fill your inventory. Roll to manager then sell(withouth bargaining). Repeat this until you finish warehouse. Then swap to alt char and start from beginning(filling heidel warehouse). Since you swapped characters your buffs on main, wont deplete and be more effective because you dont waste much time with rolling from manager to warehouse. 

If you want a video here is the __link:
I explain this method in Turkish on this video but you can come and ask any questions (both about this method or other bdo stuff) if you have to here:


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