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[PVP] Nova Succession Mini-Guide
SuvionDōros 2022-08-23 22:41
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Edit Date : 2022-08-23


Core information:

Always activate axian before any fight. Summon it with [S+E]. Don't use [Shıft+Space] to summon it, so you won't unsommun it by mistake. 

Always activate your [Q] before fights. You will always have +50 DP with it. And after each skill, it automatically reactivates so you won't be withouth +DP.

Never use your Front Guard abilities if an enemy is able to get behind your back! (You can use filter button left upper corner of skill screen to filter front guard abilities)

You can use [S+F] abilitiy during cooldown and still have super armor. So use this skill if you are out of your normal damage abilities. 

To full execute the combo, use your mobility skills to dodge and watch your opponet to grab. After you grab, you can kill him with this combo if there is no huge gear difference.(if your opponet has lower gear than you, you can use your damage abilities to pressure.)

Use Solare Arena practise mode to enhance your ainmation cancels and skill transitions




Combo buttons:

[S+E] → [Shift+S] → [Shift+RMB] (Hold rmb for fianchetto) → [Shift+F] → [S+F] → [S+RMB] → [Shift + Q] → [Shift+C]



Clips of combo:




(my addons are not only for 1vs1, but also for 1vsX situations)



Skills to lock/don't open:
Affliction, Prime: Reign, Chain Strike, Storming Star, Face the Darkness, Icy Kiss, E

(Except for these, you unlock every skill and use all of them. Yes even Quoratum's Binding! )




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