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Trial Characters
Zuies 2023-09-23 01:41
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Edit Date : 2023-09-23

Trial characters
Guide for new players
Not sure what class to play? Here is how you can test each class out before you commit to one.

*All BDO accounts have 3 trial character slots.
*Automatically level 60.
*Access to all skills. 4,000 skill points available.
*Special trial gear.
*Trial characters only have access to Battle Arena, Arena of Arsha and Red Battlefield. You can not enter Arena of Solare.
*There are no mobs to test on. Just pvp environment.
*You can not use any other gear.

You must delete the gear you receive that is in the “Pearl slot” sections before you can delete the character.

Creating your character
In character selection choose the trial tab.
You can make your character how you want them to
look, upload an already made look, or just go with the
default one.

Choose your skills.
-“Awakening Secret” skill book (located in your inventory
right-click to be able to use Awakening weapon)
-“Succession Secret” skill book (purchase from npc Haz)

Vendor for Trial Characters “Haz”

Arshas Chest Arshas Chest 2

Battle Arena, Arena of Arsha and Red Battlefield
You will by default enter the Battle Arena. To get to the other areas:
ESC key > War tab > Arena of Arsha or Red Battlefield


Character Name Zuies
Main Character Sage
Lv 62
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