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Atanis' Element
Svax 2023-09-26 00:01
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Edit Date : 2023-10-18

Atanis' Element



Atanis' Element  can be exchanged for infinite pot pity  if you hand it over to  Merindora in Grána 



you can also exchanged it for fruits like Fruit of Enchantment  and other fruits and also for  Krogdalo's Origin Stone 



Atanis Element Drop spots



Polly’s Forest
Fadus Habitat
Mirumok Ruins



Titium Valley
Desert Naga Temple
Crescent Shrine
Bashim Base
Cadry Ruins



Traitor’s Graveyard



Protty Cave


Merindora location in Grána 



you can use Find NPC function to search for  Merindora 





If  you have any question related to  BDO  send me a message in game my family name is :  Svax  

or in discord :  Svax1


Have a good day .






Character Name Svax
Main Character Mystic
Lv 65
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