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Sorry, I can't play musa succession any more
Müsachi 2022-01-01 15:39
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Edit Date : 2022-01-01

i'm Battoüsai, my1st priority in game is pvp and for other activities it's a second priority, i play musa succession from the beginning, i love the for how it masters the blade, his speed and skill cancel, really amazing, never seen in other games.
before the reboot my friends told me to make veos because they saw me skilled and it was fun to see musa succession in our mena server doing pvp, i tried to make my start by a small videos " BDO-Mena musa succession pvp#01 - YouTube".

BDO-Mena musa succession pvp#01 - YouTube

let's talk about the , before is not good for pve and pvp, it was not a problem for me because i love it but recently after the reboot I can't play musa succession any more, because of this points :
- the MP consumption was and still high
- skills and CC mecanics:                       
1- the new stub arrow can work with awakening but for succession i can say NO because succession don't have a lot of choice, doing 3 arrows and getting back is not fun ,the old mecanic was good.             
2- crust crusher has long animation, not good for chaining and CC, in the end it's risky and useless, before was better                        
3- new gale animation, hard to control it, good in term of +10ap for 6sec but the old animation was good and can be controlled.
4- cyclone slash no quick slot   
what's good in the reboot:
- high dmg in pve, it makes the really good and fun
- more skill cancels, good job
in the end i tried to send you my personal opinion about the that enjoy it for long time, i wishe a good future for this , for me it's done the class is dead, i can't do pvp just for losing.

i plan to take a long break and watching if this class will receive some love like the awakening.


thank you and regards   


Character Name Müsachi
Main Character Musa
Lv 63
FeedbackTopicSorry, I can't play musa succession any more