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Shadow Arena : Battle Royale Pre-Season Notice

  • 2019.01.24 11:25
  • / by Black Desert

Hello Adventurers!

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.

We want to thank everyone for the support we’ve received for Shadow Arena : Battle Royale.


Currently Shadow Arena is in pre-release, and has yet to have an official season.

So prior to an official season, we will begin the Shadow Arena : Battle Royale Pre-Season today.

● Pre-Season Schedule

- 2019/01/24 - 2019/02/13 (Until Maintenance) 

※ Shadow Arena operation hours remain the same.

※ The end of pre-season may be subject to change at a later date, a prior notice will be given for any changes.  

※ The end of the pre-season and pre-release marks the beginning of the official season.


With the start of the pre-season, the following is planned for Shadow Arena’s existing records and for its future.


1. Record Reset

- All the records of rankings, number of defeated adventurers, and scores will be reset.

- Records prior to the pre-season will be made available for later review.

2. Participation Rewards

- Any Adventurer who participated in Shadow Arena before the pre-season will receive rewards.

- Requirements : Must have completed at least 1 match of Shadow Arena.

- Reward : [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days)

※ Participation rewards will be sent to the in-game mailbox at a later date.

The ability to view rankings in Shadow Arena, and changes to the way scores are calculated will be added around start of the pre-season.

Additionally, season rewards based on rankings will be given once the pre-season ends.  


● New Features and Changes

1. Changes to Shadow Arena Ranking

- Adventurers will be able check their Shadow Arena ranking through an in-game menu.

- Solo/Party rankings of the top 100 will be displayed in the Shadow Arena ranking list.  

- After the Pre-season begins, the new ranking will be calculated after completing 30 matches or more of Shadow Arena.

- Ranking page updates every 5~10 minutes.


2. Changes to Score Calculation

- The changes to the way scores will be calculated for Shadow Arena are shown below.  

- 1st place : 1,000 points

- 2nd place: 200 points

- 3rd place: 100 points

- 4th place : 50 points

- 5th place : 25 points


- You will earn points according to the time you survive in each matches.

- You must survive longer than 5 minutes to the earn points.

- 1 Kill : 10 points


● Pre-season Rewards

- Rewards based on season ranking will be awarded after the pre-season ends.

● Rank 1st ~ 10th: Blessing of Kamasylve (30 Days) + Shakatu's Luxury Box x3

● Rank 11th ~ 50th: Value Pack (15 Days) + Shakatu's Luxury Box x2

● Rank 51st ~ 100th: Fine Accessory Box I x1, High-Quality Draught Box x10

● Rank 101st ~ 200th: Fine Accessory Box I x1

※ Rewards given for ranking are inclusive. For example, if an Adventure ranks 1st, then this

Adventurer will receive all of the rest rewards below.

※ Rewards based on rank grouping may change at a later date.

※ If an account is restricted for violating the Terms of Services, it may not be eligible for season rewards.


Adventurers, please continue to join us for the Shadow Arena : Battle Royale pre-season.

We will be listening closely to your diverse feedback and working hard to reach new heights for our upcoming official seasons.

Thank you.

why do we only get events for global labs and shdow arena tests? Have u made MENA a test server now? only actual even u have is "Upgraded" log in rewards where its only a enchantment pack difference. 01/24 11:44
There are bunch of hackers in shadow arena,solve that problem first.Most of the players are about to leave the game. 01/24 16:39
why would they care about speed hackers on server they already broke by letting market get exploited and ppl get billions of cron stones with exploited silver 01/24 19:37
and after that they punish players that didnt exploit by making crons 2x the price the week after so there is no way for us to possibly catch up to the exploiters with billions of crons
01/24 19:38
maybe its a marketing thing for them to let some players exploit then they up price so we have to pay real money to try catch up 01/24 19:46
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