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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Archer Skill Ascension Update!

Hello, Adventurers!

Archer has arrived last week and wields both the Crossbow and Greatbow using stylish skills. This allows him to be versatile on the battlefield.


Here, we will continue from the previous story where the young Luthragon followed the mother’s will and reached for the rift. Not even the elder was able to stop him.

Let’s see what happens to him and the stronger skills he gains through Skill Ascension.

 “Born with a Purpose”


On the night where the white moon brightened Kamasylvia, the young Luthragon stood in front of the Goddess’ Sacred Tree. Not knowing what to do, all he can do was just to stand and feel the wind. He even wished if the answer he was looking for was written on one of the many leaves of Kamasylve. Too many thoughts were on his mind.


The confusion brought to him even made him feel suffocated. He, as a Luthragon, was born to protect the roots of Kamasylve. But in order to find the answer for the reason of his fate, he decided to come all the way to the surface. Everything on the surface was just too unfamiliar for the man underground.


Nevertheless, a shocking truth struck him with confusion. The young Luthragon never expected that it was their own sisters who forced them to live underground.

Confusion turned into anger. It was the first time he felt such emotion. Weren’t we all born with our mother’s blessing? Why do we have to enmity and hate each other?


It was then when the young Luthragon heard a rustle. The presence that came along vanished right away, but he knew exactly who it was. Vedir, the sister who tried to stop him and his fellow Luthragons underground, was there.


The Luthragon chased the black smoke all the way inside the forest. He tried his best to catch up, but the distance didn’t shrink easily.

Assuming from the distance, the Crossbow won’t work enough. So, as he caught his breath, the Luthragon took out his Greatbow. Even if the crossbow can’t, the Greatbow should be able to reach to her.


Upon chasing the Vedir, the Luthragon pulled the bowstring as he had caught his breath. Concentration made everything seemed to look as if they were moving slowly. It even seemed as if he was able to see the trace of the wind.


Soon, the target came into his eyes and the Luthragon shot the arrow. The arrow cut through the wind with a thundering noise and created a dirt wind.


The Luthragon checked on Vedir; however, only the arrows he shot were left without any other presence. After taking out the arrows from the ground, he turned back, ready to leave the place. It was then when he heard a voice.


“You thought you can to get me with that pathetic arrow?”

“Should have been better being stuck at Adùir along with your fate.”

“This isn’t where you belong, Sentinel.”


The Luthragon quickly turned where the voice came from, but the Vedir had already made a move. A dark energy blasted out from her Kregsmesser to the ground, hitting the Luthragon. Intense pain struck and tossed him out from where he stood. Before the pain could completely overwhelmed him, the Luthragon gave his last strength and shot the Vedir.


As soon as the dirt wind from the blast faded away, the Luthragon quickly looked around. Unfortunately, the Vedir had already vanished, leaving only the Lutheragon’s arrow and a bloodstain of what seemed to be dropped from her.


He knew he was supposed to trace the bloodstain and catch the Vedir, but his body didn’t follow his thoughts. Blaming his weakness, the young Luthragon struggled on his feet by leaning on a tree. The physical and mental suffering that piled throughout the day hit him at once.


As he picked up the arrow from the ground, he muttered.


 “Mother, I’m not sure if I can fulfil my purpose you have given me.”


Feeling bitterness and resentment, the Luthragon clutched the broken arrow. Suddenly, a gleamed light sank into his body. Maybe his senses got dulled because he lost too much blood. While he was wondering about the warm felt, a sylvian wolf appeared between the trees.


 “Ascended Strength. sylvian wolf.”


The sylvian wolf came closer and sniffed around him. Even though it was the first time seeing the wolf, he had a delight and nostalgic feelings towards it. The reason became clear as the Luthragon felt his Greatbow shivering. It was sympathizing with the sylvian wolf.


Soon, the Luthragon vaguely understood that the wolf was reflected by the power within the Greatbow. It was the Guardian’s companion, as well as the power given by the Goddess.


Did it appear because the Luthragon was facing danger?

No, maybe it woke up because of the commotion between him and the Vedir.


A sudden thought came up. Maybe the goddess already knew everything that was going to happen.

Thinking, the Luthragon reached his hands to the sylvian wolf. The wolf gave a long cry before he was able to reach and turned into a light which sank into his body.


“Crave your fate with your own hands.”

“Walk through the path you believe that is right.”

“That is how you will fulfil your purpose, and that is the answer I give you.”


It wasn’t clear if the voice came out from the wolf or from his head. Though, nothing mattered anymore to the young Luthragon. His mind became clear and the pain drifted, as if he found the answer he was looking for.


No hesitation was left on the hands gripping the Greatbow.


“My fate belongs to where I go.”

Archer Skill Ascension

Archer can use the main weapon and awakening weapon from the start, unlike any other class. However, he couldn’t learn all the skills.

Skill ascension will make his Greatbow skills even more powerful and allow him to learn additional skills. This is the moment when Archer becomes a true Luthraghon.

Righteous Smite

Fires a huge arrow infused with the power of light at the target. The arrow is slow but the explosion is extremely powerful.


Empowers Archer’s skills to make them extremely destructive for a limited time.

Piercing Light

Shoots an arrow using the long range and explosive capabilities of the Greatbow. It can be charged to increase the area of effect.

Ravenous Talon

Stuns targets in close range and then creates distance between them.

Flow : Light’s Trail

Can be used in various situation as it flows after many skills and moves backwards while shooting.


Archer Combat Video

Archer Skill Ascension Event

We have a special event to celebrate the Archer Skill Ascension Update, so don’t miss out!

▶Archer Skill Ascension!

On 12/19/2018 (Wed), Archer will become even stronger and splendid through Skill Ascension.

We will continue to work hard to provide great contents for all of our Adventurers.

Thank you.

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