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Black Desert 2019-07-31 07:00
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Have you heard the news? The “I’m only good at life skills” - Shai has found a new Talent! 

The rumors of Shai discovering her brilliant Talent for music has spread across Veila, Heidel, and even Calpheon~!  


Aren’t you curious about who will perform with Shai?
Find out by accepting the starting quest from the Aspiring child musician.

Wait! The pro life-skiller Shai can’t be missing out on life activities… (So greedy… hah!) 

So, check out the rewards you earn for leveling up your life skills! 

Event 1. Hopes and Dreams for Us

Event Period (The event ended)

- July 31, 2019 (Wed) after maintenance ~ August 14, 2019 (Wed) before maintenance 


How to Participate

① Find the silent Choir Leader and Aspiring child musician in Velia, Heidel or Calpheon to accept and complete the quests.

② Complete the quests to receive the completion rewards. 


Quest NPC

Quest Prerequisites


[Event] I Want to Play the Instrument

Aspiring child musician


Contribution EXP 100

[Event] For the Child's Dream

Choir Leader

Complete [Event] I Want to Play the Instrument

[Event] Julia Violin

[Event] Surprise Gift

Choir Leader

Complete [Event] For the Child's Dream

Finto's Filling Juice x5,

Finto's Sweet Juice x5,

Finto's Fresh Juice x5

※ The above event quests can be completed daily once per family.
You can obtain the ‘[Event] Lost Sheet Music Satchel’ from defeating monsters, gathering, or fishing in order to complete the quest ‘[Event] For the Child's Dream’. 


Event 2. Level Up Shai’s Life Skills

Event Period

- July 31, 2019 (Wed) after maintenance ~ August 21, 2019 (Wed) before maintenance            


How to Participate

① Make sure you have a Shai character, otherwise create one. 

② Achieve a set life skill level on your Shai character during the event period. 

③ Receive rewards based on the life skill levels you achieve. 

Levels Achieved


80 Levels

Hard Black Crystal Shard x5

90 Levels

Sharp Black Crystal Shard x5

100 Levels

Cron Stone x20

120 Levels

[Event] Enhancement Help Kit I x1

150 Levels

[Event] Enhancement Help Kit II x1


How are the Life Skill levels calculated? 

- While life skills are divided into Gathering, Fishing, Hunting, Cooking, Alchemy, Processing, Training, Trading, Farming, Sailing, and Processing, the total levels will be calculated according to the table below for this event.   

Life Skill Level


Calculated Level


1 ~ 10

1 ~ 10


1 ~ 10

11 ~ 20


1 ~ 10

21 ~ 30


1 ~ 10

31 ~ 40


1 ~ 10

41 ~ 50


1 ~ 30

51 ~ 80


1 ~ 

81 ~

※ The total calculated Life skill levels will begin at level 70 since a Shai character starts at Alchemy and Gathering Professional level 1 when first created.   

※ If you have 2 or more Shai characters in your family, your rewards will be determined based on the Shai character with the highest total life skill levels. 

※ Wait a minute! [GM] Al**ri has a question, so let’s answer it. 

  1. Q. My Shai character is Fishing Apprentice level 1, Processing Skilled level 10, and the rest are all Beginner level 1. What is my total calculated life skill level?   
  2. A. In your case, Alchemy Professional level 1 (31 levels), Gathering Professional level 1 (31 levels), Fishing Apprentice level 1 (11 levels), and Processing Skilled level 10 (30 levels) for a total of 103 levels, then 1 level each from Beginner level 1 for Hunting, Cooking, Training, Trading, Farming, and Sailing (Total 6 levels) for a grand total of 109 levels. Therefore, you would reach the 100 level reward tier and receive the Cron Stone x20 reward.  


Bonus Event. Earn the Special Title! (feat. Life skills make me SHAIAYA)

- During the event period, reach Artisan level 1 for either Alchemy or Gathering to obtain a special title!  

Title Name


※ Event Notice

- The quest ‘[Event] Hopes and Dreams for Us’ is repeatable and can be completed daily once per Family during the event period

- The quest ‘[Event] Hopes and Dreams for Us’ will reset daily at midnight. The event quest can be accepted and progressed between the times of 00:00 and 23:59 during the day.

  If you complete this quest the next day, then you will not be able to repeat the quest on the same day.  

- The [Event] Level Up Shai’s Life Skills rewards and ‘SHAIAYA’ title will be sent after the maintenance on August 28, 2019 (Wed),

- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on circumstances. If changes are made, they can be found on this event page.

- If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support > Customer Support].

- Content not listed on this page follows the [Black Desert Event Rules].

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