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[GM Note] "Shai, the Little Heroine Orchestrates Victory” “Shai Discovers Her Talent!

  • 2019.07.31 07:00
  • / by Black Desert

“Toot! Toot! Listen to my melody when you’re scared and afraid. How’s that, feel better?” Shai discovers her Talent!  


Emboldened by her curiosity, Shai had delved into the forbidden cave where a terrible and frightening experience left her suffering from an endless nightmare...
And now, having lost all her memories, she once again encounters that dark illusion.  

Will she be able to overcome her fears and return to her once cheerful and bright self?   

Join Shai as her monumental journey unfolds.  


"The one with the Light of the world"


If everyone is virtuous, does virtue really exist?  

If everyone shines brightly, would they truly be called light?

 Light may only exist because of darkness. 

Born in the darkness with the First Light,

 Shai had been overcome by her curiosity and lost her memories to a dark illusion.

She left her hometown of Florin to begin a long journey. 

Yet, fate once more brought her face to face with the dark illusion.      

"I am the shadow cast by the light of your curiosity."

This third dark illusion she faced only had a few short words before it tried to devour not just her memories this time, but her whole self.

The moment the darkness completely engulfed her light, a ray of light pierced through the darkness.  

After narrowly escaping to the nearby Florin, Valentine surprised her with his words.


"So, you’ve returned after seeing the dark illusion..."


It was a paradox, the dark illusion could only exist as long as there was light. 

Valentine was also one of the lights for the Shai-kind.

He taught her how to escape the nightmarish illusion.

And hoping for another miracle, Valentine sent Shai to Artina, a wandering musician who previously helped Valentine overcome the dark illusion. 


"Who’s trying to interrupt my work again?"


That is how Shai’s first meeting began with her prickly and somewhat ill-tempered teacher.
Intrigued by Shai’s earnestness and innocence, Artina decided to teach her true music.
In the hopes the music would perform the same miracle it had for Valentine several decades ago...


"I’m neither a wizard nor a healer. Just someone who loves music."

As she began to learn music under Artina’s guidance, Shai realized just how beautiful music could be in so many different areas.   

Little by little, she started to overcome her fears as her heart grew stronger. 

She made a promise that she would play beautiful music, not just for herself, but for the whole world…

Before long, instead of fear for the dark illusion, Shai’s eyes shone with the confidence of her purpose in driving out the world’s darkness.


"Perform for the world. If you don’t do it properly, I’ll take back those musical instruments!"

Leaving behind Artina’s concerned worrying, Shai stepped towards her search of the world’s darkness once more.   

This time with her beautiful melodies and music-loving friends at her side.

"For the shadow of darkness cannot overcome the melody of light."


Shai finds her Talent.

Previously on June 15th, we revealed a sneak peek image of Shai holding a musical instrument.
Yet, that was just the tip of the iceberg!

Instead of an Awakening weapon, Shai has “Sol”, which can be played in the form of a lute ‘Tring’, in the form of a flute ‘Tute’, and in the form of a djembe ‘Tamtam’. Three different forms that change depending on the skill.


Whereas other classes awaken new powers through their ‘Awakening’, Shai uses her new Talent to play musical instruments! 

So, what abilities will Shai display? 


Three Ways to Perform, Many Abilities

Do it Better!


An energetic tune that greatly empowers Shai and her nearby allies. 

Playing this tune briefly grants an outstanding buff.



Shout to the Sky


Music filled with the power of life. 
Even in chaotic battlefields, Shai’s performance will shine brightly and provide a powerful health buff to her allies. 
But be warned, listening to this performance will not change your fate if you rush headlong towards the enemy



Sun, Moon, Stars

Plays an energetic and dynamic tune that increases the agility of allies.

This heart-pounding performance will keep everyone quick on their feet.



Summer Rain

On a hot summer day, Shai composed this piece while imagining the cool rain. 

Allies will joyfully welcome this performance as if it were raining on a dry, summer day. 

A refreshing tune that briefly increases all allies’ status resistance.

Differing from the existing classes, Shai is a new class bringing a unique play style to Black Desert!

By now, I’m sure you’re curious to what melodies you’ll hear from her.   


So, don’t wait any longer and go see this courageous performer of the melody of light, Shai~ 
Thank you. 


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