GM Notes [GM Note] 4-Year Anniversary With 4000 Pearls?!
Black Desert 2021-12-01 07:00
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Congratulations on the 4-Year Anniversary! To think we’ve been adventuring alongside our Turkey & MENA Adventurers for 4 years already!  


The Black Desert team has prepared A LOT of gifts for this special time, which even includes rewards worth 4,000 Pearls for the 4-Year Anniversary!  


A Classic Outfit Set, Wizard Gosphy, and even 700 Cron Stones are all here! Check out all the events below!

Week 1 – 4 Year Anniversary Events

▶ Link to the Part 1 Event  

- An Outfit Set and Wizard Gosphy for completing daily quests?!  


▶ Link to the Part 2 Event 

- 500 Cron Stones for celebrating the 4-Year Anniversary in chat!  


▶ Link to the Part 3 Event 

- A Blazing Hot Time for the 4-Year Anniversary


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