Notices [Notice] Notice on CBT sign-up and customization try-out
Black Desert 2017-09-29 12:00
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Hello, adventurers!
This is The MMORPG Black Desert.

We are going to open “CBT sign-up” along with "character customization try-out" this coming October 11th for the Black Desert Turkey Server.

Closed beta (CBT) opening date: 08 November 2017

This is a teaser notice prior to October/11th opening, so, for more details, please refer to another notice that will be uploaded later!
We appreciate and expect many adventurers’ participation.


■ Sign-up for Black Desert CBT (2017.10.11. ~ 2017.10.30.)

- Participate in the survey that will start from Oct/11th and then sign up for CBT 
- We will draw lots to give out the access right to the upcoming Black Desert CBT!

※ If you bought early purchase in advance, you are automatically enrolled for CBT without having to separately sign-up for CBT. 


■ Try-out for character customization (2017.10.11. ~ 2017.11.6.)

- During the period stated above, you can try the character customization of Black Desert.
- We will announce the download schedule for game client to try out customization later.
- The data of character and customization settings you created during try-out period are not stored, so you must save the customization file separately.
- The deleted data of character and customization settings are impossible to recover.


■ Other various event

- Participate in various events that will be held during CBT sign-up period and character customization try-out period, and grab the chance to win a variety of prizes!
- More details about the event will be announced on Oct/11th
First, participate in both CBT sign-up and character customization try-out!
- Period: 2017.10.11. ~ 2017.10.30.
Second, show off your customization!
- Period: 2017.10.11. ~ 2017.10.30.

If you have any more inquiries, please send a ticket to us through Customer Support.
We look forward to having many adventurers’ interest and participation.
Thank you.

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